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Brian Salisbury

The Walking Dead has had its fair share of shocks and surprises over its run, but according to series star , we haven't seen anything yet. During a recent interview with Yahoo! Lincoln stated that there will be an episode in the "back eight," (meaning the second half of the fourth season) that will be the series' most controversial to date. The midseason finale is set to air this Sunday on AMC.

Lincoln went on to remark about how a future episode will drastically change the storytelling mechanics of the show...

"I've just done the season finale, so I'm not so sure anymore. [Laughs.] This is quite a big episode coming up. But then I think from this episode onwards, it spins off into a different orbit, the show, which for everybody concerned has been thrilling. It's so neat that we've just … [viewers] don't get to see it obviously until next year, but the season finale is just, it’s so clever what [showrunner Scott Gimple] and the writers have done. It's just really clever."

It's hard for me to weigh in on what Lincoln may be talking about, because the series some time ago surpassed the point to which I had read in the comics. However, based on the show's track record, I can only imagine this "controversial" episode has to do with a very beloved character's death. I wonder if it'll be young Carl. I'm actually more interested to see this "different orbit" and what that might mean.

Any thoughts?


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