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With the 20th season of South Park premiering this Wednesday fans of the series have been wondering what sort of headlining topics Trey Parker and Matt Stone will come up with. Last season, South Park featured an episode-to-episode continuity, with political correctness as a recurring theme. The season introduced a new character, PC Principal — an aggressive, muscular man who promises to change South Park and make people aware of their racism and biases.

In the first few minutes, PC Principal tells the citizens of the snow mountain town all the racist, ignorant, delusional — and above all — funny (to the viewer) things that they did the last 20 years. As a result, we've compiled a list of the 19 most notable moments from the last 19 seasons.

First, let's start off with a little theme music for our list:

1. 'The Magic Bush' — S19E05

Like always, Cartman drags the gullible and naive Butters into doing something that he's not supposed to. While many times Butters is caught by his parents doing something weird this time he barely makes gets away with it.

2. 'The Passion Of The Jew' — S08E03

The Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish community did not escape from the clutches of the South Park creators. In this scene, Cartman leads a group of people with the chant "Es ist Zeit für RACHE! Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten" which translates to "It's time for revenge! We must exterminate the Jews."

3. 'Fishsticks' — S13E05

Jimmy comes up with a joke that plays on the similarity of the phrases "fish sticks" and "fish dicks" when spoken. The joke's all over South Park and late night programs. However, one who does not get the joke is Kanye West, who assumes that everyone is calling him a gay fish.

4. 'Good Times With Weapons' — S08E01

The boys go around town pretending to be ninjas. In their imaginary world, they become anime-like characters with their own individual superpowers. However, in the midst of their battle Professor Chaos a.k.a. Butters arrives and challenges the ninjas. During the fight, Kenny throws one of his shurikens and hits Butters in the eye.

5. 'Trapped In The Closet' — S09E12

Using R. Kelly's song "Trapped in the Closet" as an adjective for LGBT people who have not revealed their sexual orientation. The pokes fun of celebrities who have been rumored to be gay. In true South Park fashion, the show made fun of the Church of Scientology and its members as the character who voices Chef (Isaac Hayes) quit the series.

6. 'Stunning And Brave' — S19E01

The first episode of the 19th season introduced a new character in the series — the new principal of South Park Elementary — PC Principal. Instead of talking about his new plans for the school he goes on a tirade and tells the citizens of South Park the ignorant things that they've done.

7. 'Tsst (The Dog Whisperer)' — S10E07

Eric's mom is fed up with his son's bad behavior and enlists the help of TV nanny to discipline him. However, they all fail, and the only way to correct Eric's spoiled brat behavior is to call The Dog Whisperer.

8. 'Fat Butt And Pancake Head' — S07E05

South Park Elementary holds a cultural diversity event. Cartman as always uses the opportunity to poke fun at minorities and uses his hand as the head of "Ms. Lopez" a.k.a. Jennifer Lopez. Consequently, using Ms. Lopez to act out many Hispanic stereotypes.

9. 'Canada On Strike' — S12E04

To stop the Canadian strike, the gang and Butters make a viral video called "What What in The Butt." Comedy Central and Viacom were sued for copyright infringement for their recreation of the viral video, "What What (In the Butt)." However, a judge dismissed the case.

10. 'With Apologies To Jesse Jackson' — S11E01

While on Wheel of Fortune, Randy is asked to solve the puzzle "People Who Annoy You" (NAGGERS). However, instead of giving the correct answer, he spells out the N-word. What ensued was Randy's journey of being an N-guy going from Jesse Jackson and the acceptance of using N-word in a sentence.

11. 'Up The Down Steroid' — S08E02

Timmy and Jimmy, the two physically challenged children in South Park, are excited to participate in the Special Olympics in Denver. Cartman decides to fake being physically challenged and beat all the participants children in the events to win the $1,000 prize.

12. 'Le Petit Tourette' — S11E08

In the episode, Eric pretends to have Tourette syndrome (TS) so that he can say whatever he wants without getting into trouble. Kyle finds out Eric's plans, but instead of Eric getting into trouble, Kyle is sent to a local support group for children with the disorder, who explain their various tics and how they are not faking it.

13. 'Christian Rock Hard' — S07E09

Stan, Kyle, and Kenny star a rock band but are concerned with the fact that people will download their music illegally. As a result, they refuse to play until there is a solution to illegal music downloads. Meanwhile, Cartman starts his own Christian rock band to win a bet.

The episode satirizes famous artists who have spoken out against copyright infringement. On top of that, they also parodied Christian rock music as being identical to love songs, except for referencing Jesus in their lyrics.

14. 'More Crap' — S11E09

The episode More Crap satirizes U2 singer Bono for his many accomplishments giving him the title "piece of crap."

15. 'Woodland Critter Christmas' — S08E14

South Park could not have missed out satirizing one of the holiest of holidays. The episode gives a dark turn to seemingly cute woodland critters.

16. Cartoon Wars Part I & II — S10E03 & E04

The episode revolves on Family Guy airing an episode with the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a character. Fearing the backlash of Muslim community Cartman decides to go to Hollywood to try to get the episode pulled.

17. 'It Hits The Fan' — S05E01

Though the word "shit" and other offensive words may be common for TV shows today, back in 2001 it was not. Throughout the episode "shit" or "shitty" are uncensored.

18. 'D-Yikes!' — S11E06

Cartman's urges the rest of the gang to hire local Mexican laborers looking for work to read the book and write their essays for them. However, when they come back for their essays, they find out that the Mexicans misunderstood them, and instead of writing essays they wrote to their éses.

19. 'Freak Strike' — S06E03

Eric and his mom go on The Maury Povich Show. Noticing a teenage girl named Vanity swear, physically beat her mother, and boast about her "out of control" behavior, Eric decides to dress up as a slutty girl to try to win the prize.

From the US Presidential Elections to Black Lives Matter movement who knows what Trey Parker and Matt Stone will come up with for South Park's 20th anniversary. What we are aware is that it will be a memorable and thought-provoking season that will address society's shortcomings.

Which South Park moment was your favorite?


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