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Rude, crude and offensive, Chucky will always be our favorite pint-sized slasher and our least favorite doll. Good Guy Charles was first brought to life by Brad Dourif in Tom Holland's 1988 Child's Play. Since then, this voodoo-chanting killer has earned a seat at the big kids' table alongside regular-sized horror icons of the '80s with his insulting commentary and dickish disposition. The trailer for Cult of Chucky has just dropped, meaning it's time to revisit 11 of Chucky's most crass quotes from the franchise.

11. His Warmup Routine

10. A Doll's Favorite Game

9. Down But Not Out

8. How Chucky Feels About Kids

7. The Relationship Between Murder And Mozart

6. On The Opposite Sex

5. More Human Than You, Man

4. On Family Genetics

3. You're The One With The Problem

2. On Celebrities

1. The Truth About Murder

Little Man, Big Mouth

Never one to be put down for a nap for long, has a play date scheduled in October 2017 as Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly reprise their franchise roles in the next installment of Don Mancini's franchise — . Check out the first official trailer below:


Which killer doll creeps you out most?


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