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If there's any movie that deserves to be transformed into a fully fledged Broadway affair, it's the 2001 technicolor jukebox romance, Moulin Rouge. It won two Oscars, along with the hearts of just about everyone. Between the full company numbers, the lavish sets, and the sing-a-long-able soundtrack — not to mention the overarching theme of theater and the stage — the love story of the beautiful courtesan and the penniless writer has been crying out to become a live production.

Nicole Kidman / 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' / Moulin Rouge
Nicole Kidman / 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' / Moulin Rouge

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There's little other news about Moulin Rouge The Musical, beyond the fact that Tony-winner John Logan will pen the script, and Alex Timbers will direct. Announcements for casting, venue and premiere date are yet to come (what may...).

But Moulin Rouge isn't the only film getting the Broadway treatment! Here are 11 more movies that are going to be adapted for the stage in the near future:

1. Amelie

  • Original Movie: 2001
  • Opening: Spring 2017
  • Cast: Phillipa Soo (Hamilton)

This French comedy about a quirky waitress that meddles in other people's love lives made its world theatrical premiere as in California in 2015, and will be heading to Broadway sometimes in spring of 2017, with Phillipa Soo, the First Lady of breakout hit Hamilton, in the title role. It's been adapted into a musical, which, according to the LA Times, director Jean Pierre Jeunet is less than thrilled about:

“I absolutely loathe musicals and I hate Broadway... I can tell you that I won’t see [the musical], I don’t want to hear anything about it."

Sigh. C'est la vie!

2. Mean Girls

  • Original Movie: 2004
  • Opening: TBA
  • Cast: TBA

Guys, "fetch" IS going to happen. Tina Fey is teaming up with her composer husband Jeff Richmond, along with lyricist Nell Benjamin in order to bring Cady and the Plastics to Broadway. No word yet on whether Tina Fey will be reprising her role as Ms. Norbury, but either way, she's a pusher.

3. Frozen

  • Original Movie: 2014
  • Opening: Spring 2018, with a test run in Denver, Summer 2017
  • Cast: TBA

It's already won an Oscar for Best Song, and now Frozen is going to be taking the Tonys by (ice)storm in 2018. Although, "Let It Go" sung by the goddess of Broadway herself, Idina Menzel, is going to be one tough act to follow.

4. The Princess Bride

  • Original Movie: 1987
  • Opening: TBA
  • Cast: TBA

The most quote-able romance of the '80s will soon get revamped into a stage production by the Disney Theatrical group. There's no word yet on whether it's a musical or not (although knowing Disney, it probably will be), and if it's going to be on Broadway or off. You can sign up for updates here.

5. Anastasia

  • Original Movie: 1997
  • Opening: April 24, 2017
  • Cast: TBA

Steven Flaherty, who already has one Tony under his belt for the 1997 Best Original Score of Ragtime, will be chiming in to beef up the already stellar soundtrack of this childhood classic.

6. 17 Again

  • Original Movie: 2009
  • Opening: TBA
  • Cast: possibly Darren Criss

The movie that starred Matthew Perry as an unsatisfied 37-year-old who got a chance to go back to the year he was 17 will now be getting revamped into a musical. While nothing is official yet, Darren Criss (Glee) starred in the role that Zac Efron made famous during a sneak peek that happened in March 2017.

7. Bull Durham

  • Original Movie: 1988
  • Opening: TBA
  • Cast: TBA

Back in 1988, Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon showed us that love is possible, even in the hard world of minor league baseball. What better way to reaffirm that fact than with a heartfelt ballad or two?

8. The Flamingo Kid

  • Original Movie: 1984
  • Opening: Spring 2018
  • Cast: TBA

Based on the Garry Marshall film starring Matt Dillon, Jeff is a 17-year-old kid from Brooklyn that spends his last summer before college working at the upscale beach resort The Flamingo Club, surrounded by high class babes in bikinis and a whole new way of life.

9. Magic Mike

  • Original Movie: 2012
  • Opening: 2016-2017
  • Cast: TBA

What could be better than watching Channing Tatum gyrate around on the big screen? Watching many Channing Tatum lookalikes gyrate around in real life.

10. Rear Window

  • Original Movie: 1954
  • Opening: TBA
  • Cast: Kevin Bacon

Technically, the stage version of Rear Window will be based on the Cornell Woolrich's 1942 short story "It Had To Be Murder." But you probably know it best as Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, Rear Window. Don't worry, it's not a musical.

11. Spongebob: The Musical

Spongebob: The Musical
Spongebob: The Musical
  • Original Movie: 2004, and the TV series 1999 – present
  • Opening: 2017
  • Cast: Ethan Slater, Lilli Cooper, Danny Skinner, Gavin Lee, Carlos Lopez and Nick Blaemire

Yes, you read that right. The most famous sponge in Bikini Bottom will soon be soaking up the spotlight in his very own Broadway musical. The soundtrack includes tunes from Sara Bareilles, Panic! At The Disco, They Might Be Giants, David Bowie, and many others. It's currently in the midst of a run in Chicago, and is sure to make a splash when it hits New York!

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Which of these musicals are you most excited about?


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