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Eszter Simor

Halloween just passed, so it seems right to indulge in a fair amount of spine-chilling thrills. Another scary legend has been resurrected: a new werewolf has broken loose.

A new international trailer of Wer, 's found footage horror has been released. Judging from the director's latest movie, The Devil Inside, we can expect real scares and frightening moments.

The trailer reveals a found footage video of an American family being slaughtered while camping in France. A strange man (Brian Scott O'Connor) found close to the crime scene is charged with the brutal slaying. The heroine, Kate Moore () an expatriate American defence attorney, believes her client is innocent, but it quickly turns out that the peculiar suspect does indeed have some serious conditions: "Talan Gwynek by the mere definition of the word... is a werewolf."


(via Joblo)

The video promises a real bloodbath with a lot of action. Does it look like what you want to have from a good horror movie?


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