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Matt Carter

Movie 43 probably has the most star-studded cast in the history of cinema featuring acting heavyweights such as , and . Add in the comedic directorial talents of the Farrelly brothers, Steve Carr and James Gunn, plus a load of F-bombs, some dick and fart jokes and an angry Leprechaun and you have the ingredients for a filthy and very funny comedy. The red band trailer for Movie 43 has just hit, so check it out below:


It looks a lot like an extended episode of Saturday Night Live, with the homeschooling segment with and seemingly rife with comic potential and 's and 's hobo/wizard sex conversation looking like it could be comedy gold. It will be interesting as well to see how the film makers manage to intertwine the stories together, although I imagine plot is probably secondary to bouncing basketballs with penises, and Wonder Woman calling Batman a pussy.

Movie 43 opens in theaters January 25, 2013.

What did you guys think of the trailer? Funny or failure? Sound off in the comments!


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