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Movie 43 doesn't seem real. It has parody film staple , of Scary Movie fame, which seems totally reasonable for a flick that picks on The Dark Knight franchise, inspirational underdog sports films, and likely plenty more. This is Anna's thing. What you might not expect, is the ridiculously long list of highly lauded actors that fill out the rest of the cast.

See how many you spot in the red band trailer below.

Yes, that's Academy Award winning actress in what is likely the least PC role of her career. ? Academy Award winning actress. The multi-talented. , star of both stage and screen, writer, director, and producer -- slinging the pube burns.

The list goes on; , , -- it's a veritable buffet of top talent making poop and vagina jokes.

How does a film like this happen? It appears you bring together some of the more prominent minds in comedy and put them behind the camera. , one part of the Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary, Me, Myself, and Irene, Dumb and Dumber), (Slither, Super, the exceptional PG Porn), (Mr. Show with Bob and David, Saturday Night Live, Tom Goes to the Mayor), (Chappelle's Show), and even the very funny making her directorial debut; that's the variety of list that makes what might on the surface appear to be just another raunchy comedy into something that might prospectively be raunchy comedy gold.

I am admittedly cautious when I approach films like this. I loved 's Spy Hard, was content with my Scary Movie viewing experience, but stepped away from the entire skit-comedy/ parody genre with Date Movie. Granted, that was almost like stepping in front of a bullet on purpose.

There's a fine line to walk with parody-heavy raunch-coms (new term, you're welcome). I'm a The Kentucky Fried Movie type of fella. In retrospect, there was a lot of innocence in the subversiveness that , David and Jerry Zucker, and Jim Abrahams brought to TKFM; it'll take some comedic finesse to make a film like Movie 43 not simply be a string of dicks jokes punctuated by dirty words from well-respected actors.

That noted, with the immense talent occupying multiple director's chairs, and the undeniable star power in front of the camera, I am optimistic that the film can strike a tone that has the potential to please. If they can capture even a fraction of the awesome that is That's Armageddon or 'The Wonderful World of Sex', Movie 43 will be head-and-shoulders above most of its more recent genre peers.

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Movie 43 hits theaters January 23, 2013.


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