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The horrible stories you've heard about him are true! Although Frieza might think he doesn't require an introduction, we'll give him a small one just in case.

[Credit: Funimation]
[Credit: Funimation]

As the emperor of the universe, you can bet Frieza is one powerful entity. Although he has four different forms, 's most powerful is actually his fourth and true form. While on the outside his OG form seems less formidable than his others, make no mistake that Frieza is at peak-ready-to-fuck-shit-up.

Feared for his ruthlessness, sadism, and his epic powers, it was only a matter of time before Frieza and Goku got to duke it out; and indeed, Frieza is the reason first comes to Earth, kicking off the whole series.

Such an infamous being deserves an equally epic transformation, and his original and most powerful form seemed like the logical one for the Movie Pilot @SuperNewsLive Instagram team to choose. Makeup artists Amber Talarico and Kenneth Alexander teamed up with professional cosplayer Chris Villain to transform him into the terrifying galactic overlord on Movie Pilot's series . Check out his transformation below, which garnered over 1 million views as it streamed live on April 14.

Cosplayer Chris Villain in his true form next to his transformation into Frieza:

We all know Frieza hates a bad haircut, and something tells me he'd find Chris's 'do a little too similar to Goku's for comfort. Good thing all that changed in his transformation!

See also:

Here's another shot of Chris's final form. He has truly become Frieza!

Villainy never looked so good. This cosplay level is definitely over 9000!

Check out the full time-lapse of Chris Villain's epic transformation into Frieza:

Awesome stuff, right? Chris Villain has also teamed up with @SuperNewsLive to become the X-Man Cyclops on and a walker from The Walking Dead. Make sure to check out more of his epic cosplays on his Instagram and YouTube channels, including his killer Cruella de Vil, for which he raised over $10,000 to make a corresponding music video.

For more incredible transformations, tune in to the Instastory live on @SuperNewsLive and on every Thursday from 1PM PT, where true fans show off their awesome cosplay skills as your favorite TV/movie characters.

Who do you want to see transformed next?


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