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Jack Giroux

$115 million is a considerable box-office take for a horror movie. That's how much Platinum Dunes's remake/reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street made over three years ago. You'd think there'd be news on a sequel or, by this time, we'd have already seen one. The movie only cost a reported $35 million. That's sizable budget for a horror movie, but the movie made a profit.

The sequel certainly hasn't reached the screen yet due to a lack of passion. Well, at least not from Platinum Dunes's . Fuller spoke of the sequel with excitement, but shared the fact that New Line isn't as enthusiastic:

"There's not a day that goes by I don't think about that sequel. Andrew [Form] and I think about it all the time. We push for it, but we can't get the excitement that we want at the studio level. That doesn't mean we've given up, but we're trying. That's the one we desperately want to do...We have a script. The story is really fun."

From speaking with Fuller, it sounded like the film he's the most proud of, believing it captured the DNA of the original and took risks. It wasn't an easy process of taking those chances, either:

"A Nightmare on Elm Street was a much harder movie to make, and for one reason: had to sit for makeup for three and a half hours. That's brutal on him, the production, and it slows everything down. That's a different type of process. Maybe they could do his makeup quicker now. Now, the makeup isn't a reason not to do that movie. It just wasn't as fun and carefree to make as Friday the 13th. If New Line wants another Freddy movie, I'll do it. I love that movie. We didn't wimp out on that movie."

Another Nightmare on Elm Street is destined to happen. Whether it be a sequel or another do over, we'll see Freddy Kruger again soon. Hopefully New Line gives Haley and Fuller another crack at Freddy.


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