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With the X-Men: Days Of Future Past trailer finally being unveiled today, fans are more pumped than ever to learn how the complicated storyline will play out in the upcoming X-Men film. It integrates two different movie worlds together, continuing to tell the powerful story against discrimination in society through the example of these extraordinary mutants. Fans have a lot of questions for director and company, and in a previous interview, they addressed some of those questions...but left the door open on others.

The biggest issue fans are going to have with X-Men: Days of Future Past is how much the writers will be messing with the original Chris Claremont story line found in the comics. At this point, as you'll see below, they've changed around who they're going to be sending back in time. There must be a reason they'll be making the changes in the film that they'll be doing, right? We'll see.

First Bryan Singer pointed out a little bit about the changes in continuity within X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Bryan Singer: Whenever you go back in time, and this is every bit a time-travel movie as it is an X-Men movie, there are those risks. So some of that is going to happen, and yet there are some things that, if you believe in certain physics and multi-verses, things like that, and you also have a respect for the continuity as we have. Again, I'm not the audience, I'm just the filmmaker, but I do believe in certain continuity that we'll maintain but some things we'll change. It's the nature of time-travel. You go ahead and mess about and things happen. So that's something that some of those rumors are probably some-what true.

Then onto writing the script:

: It was vital to figuring out the fundamental characters and themes from the original run. And so we were loyal to those characters and themes and a lot of the story telling. The biggest difference is that Kitty is not the one who goes back in time, Kitty is the one who sends someone back in time.

Bryan Singer: Initially the goal was to try and make a film that would bring this cast together in some way with time-travel or time displacement of some kind, it would be a tool that we could use to do that. It seemed exciting to send Hugh [Jackman] basically with the notion of Wolverine of the future, his consciousness is sent into his younger self and it's nice because Hugh was able to play both parts because the character of Wolverine is ageless, which is extremely unique. It was great being able to place him in both these worlds as a character and for me to reunite this original cast and to get to work with the new cast.

But what about the time traveling in general? Since we're dealing with past and future versions of the X-Men, there's no way that the two versions can meet. Will it be at all possible? From the way Bryan Singer is talking, it appears as if it may be.

Bryan Singer: Primarily since Wolverine is the journeymen, his interaction with the younger cast is primary. There is a younger moment with, which you'll see a beat of in this reel that I'm going to show, where these two characters come face-to-face, the younger self and the older self. My first opportunity to make a time-travel movie, I really, really wanted to do my very best to create a set of rules, respect them and stay within the continuity of those rules. But there's a bit of interaction with them.

And of course the cast is more than thrilled to be working in another X-Men movie, especially one where it combines the two different casts. They all smiled, laughed and cracked jokes, but the best answers on returning were given by and :

Ian McKellen: I'm looking forward one day to look as dashing and successful as Michael Fassbender. We can't really believe our luck, can we? Playing a character for what, four films we've been in now? It's fun to go back to the character and realize that he's still lurking inside you. These stories are so needed to be told, that's what I like about X-Men. These aren't summer vacations, they're classes. To be allowed to be associated with them is a genuine honor. It doesn't matter how little I have to do in the next one Bryan, I'll be ready and waiting.

Halle Berry: And I think it's nice. We all love the films but what's nice for me is that in the first movie we all became such good friends, and we really like each other and we like being around each other. To have a chance to do the work that we love but to hang out with the people we really admire, respect and like to be around, for me is the joy of coming back and doing these movies. The beauty is, because we're all good friends, we pick up as if we just saw each other yesterday. I was really happy to see everybody and hang out with my old friends that I really love a lot.


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