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Jack Giroux

has a big pair of shoes to fill this summer. With Man of Steel, Shannon gets to terrorize Superman as one of the character's greatest foes, General Zod. Almost 33 years ago gave one of his most memorable performances in Superman II as Zod. While many actors today would be intimidated by that long shadow, Shannon does not appear to be one of them.

Based on the trailers, this is a bigger, badder, more dangerous Zod. Shannon told us that his portrayal of Zod has no Stampness to it, in fact. According to the actor, director told him that would be best:

I didn't think about it [referring to Stamp's performance]. For me, no matter what I do, that film is a legendary picture. It's a part of the zeitgeist. What I do is not going to diminish that or increase that. It's separate from that. Zack Snyder, the director, was very adament he didn't want me to do anything like that, anyway.

Snyder is taking a story everyone, even non-comic fans, are familiar with. Everyone knows the origin of Superman, and a part of the challenge for Snyder is to make it all exciting again, and giving it a unique spin. Shannon said the film will pack those much needed surprises:

Zack was really hoping to make a Superman movie that would surprise people. Even though the story is similar to other incarnations, the film itself, I think, will be incredibly surprising to people.

Based on the recent trailer and buzz, Snyder achieved that goal. Shannon sounded confident in that the film will deliver the goods, and it's hard not to believe him. And, before you see Shannon's new take on General Zod.


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