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Jack Giroux

Fans of 's Oldboy haven't exactly been jazzed over another take on Garon Tsuchiya's original source material. It's understandable, to a certain extent. Park's film is a modern classic for film nerds and cinephiles. Nobody wants to see a squeaky clean take on this material, which is the core fear over this new adaptation.

However, the general moviegoing audience probably isn't as familiar with Park's original film, making another interpretation all the more acceptable. And since the original film will still be there, why is a remake unacceptable anyway? But I digress...

Fans recently got a first-look at 's Oldboy with the red band trailer, and it was a good first-impression. It appears Lee is truly making a Spike Lee joint, not some beat-by-beat remake. But there are still a few fans who aren't as sold, and while discussing with Mr. Lee his project at Kickstarter, he touched on the skepticism facing his latest film:

All the detractors can say what they want, but the director of Oldboy has given us his blessing. If he's happy, we're happy. I'm not hating on them. People love that film. People love Oldboy. I love it too. Rightfully so, there is a fear that this will be another American watered-down version of an Asian film, but that is not the case. I think that the trailer is so good that a lot of that noise has died down, thankfully.

When Lee says "watered-down," I think anyone who has seen Oldboy knows exactly what he's talking about. For those who haven't seen it -- which will probably be most people seeing the film come November -- they're in for a ride, as long as Lee delivers the goods. With the cast he's assembled, the odds are certainly in his favor to win over those skeptics.

Oldboy opens in theaters on November 27th.


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