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Jack Giroux

It has been over 20 years since the last live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture. In that time span there'd been the animated film, which was all around fine, and the animated series, but we've yet to see the team back in live-action form since the third TMNT movie. The thing is, things have changed since that threequel.

In the 21st century, this is a time where a reboot generally means a much more self-serious, realistic approach. That's fine, but sometimes that feel isn't right for certain characters and stories. I'd wager The Turtles aren't right for a Christopher Nolan-esque approach, and from the sound of it, we won't be seeing that movie next summer with director .

Speaking with the film's producer, Platinum Dunes honcho , expect a tone more inline with the titular characters:

It's not gritty or the kiddie version. I would say the key word for The Turtles is 'fun'. We want to make a fun movie. That doesn't mean it's juvenile, because it's not. The situations are crazy, there's big stunts, and it's not a cartoon. We want to retain a tone of the original films. The Turtles are fun teenage...they're a group of teenagers, and the sense of fun comes from that. We're trying to make a really fun Turtle movie.

That's a good way of approaching a modern day Turtles movie. This isn't a film about a sulking superhero, but a rowdy bunch of teens, albeit turtles, who eat pizza and fight with nunchucks. That should make for a good time, not a gritty, quickly cut action movie where comedy is left at the door.

We have over a year until we see the actual movie, but this news from Fuller should satisfy some fans who maybe don't want to see their beloved characters turn into super-serious cartoon characters.


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