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Breaking Bad creator and officially the nicest person in the world, , took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for Moviepilot (put forward by the ever-excellent Will Wharton). If it wasn't enough that he was an engaging interviewee, Gilligan also gave us a couple of exclusives that are really worth paying attention to.

He talked at length about the controversial nature of Breaking Bad, as well as recounting a fascinating tale of a scene that was too dark even for this show's sometimes delightfully shocking standards. Gilligan also gave his response to 's impassioned op-ed piece in the NYT, where she argued the defense for Skyler White. But it's when we asked him about the various theories surrounding the show, especially the "Hunter Gatherer Theory" (more on that later) that created the most buzz here at Moviepilot HQ. I won't give away what he said because you should really listen to his articulate and engaging response for yourself.


He really is the nicest guy in the world.

It was fascinating to hear that he, along with the writing team, shut themselves off from the world of speculation and theories, yet still have some idea of the fan obsession that surrounds the show. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but when the "Hamlet" theory was mentioned, Gilligan seemed reticent to talk about it. Could this be because it struck a little too close to home and he wanted to move away from the topic before he revealed too much, or, more likely, he simply hadn't heard about it before and had nothing to say on the topic?

I think this is also the first time that I've heard Gilligan talk about the "Hunter Gatherer" theory. For those not in the know, the idea behind it is that Walt takes on certain characteristic of the people he has killed. So after he strangled Krazy 8 in the basement he started to cut the crusts off his sandwiches the same way his victim did. He also put a towel under his knees to vomit, the same way Gustavo Fring did when he threw up after poisoning the cartel. This season we've caught a glimpse of future Walt, with his long hair, beard and hipster glasses. He was also wearing a military jacket that looks remarkably similar to the one Todd was seen wearing in "Confessions." So if the Hunter Gatherer theory plays out, does this mean Todd will be the next person to feel the wrath of Heisenberg?

As Breaking Bad enters its endgame there are sure to be more twists and turns to come. Nobody is safe, anybody can be a casualty and it's going to leave a big Heisenberg-shaped hole in my life when it's gone.

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