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Are you a fan of movies? Do you wish you had the power to cast who YOU want in your favorite roles? Do you want to make your voice heard? Well, everyone, that day is here!

We are pleased to announce the fifth battle of Moviepilot's 100% fan-driven Fantasy Fan-Casting League! It's your chance to cast your vote, and be heard amongst the internet masses. In our fifth fan-casting, we tackle the young Han Solo. We already know he's getting his own origin film, but who will fill Harrison Ford's iconic shoes? Will he have the same swagger, or will his younger version be less cocky? It's a tricky role to cast! Here's your chance to sway the studios now by voting in your favorite actor from our list of sixteen.

The way it works is simple. We've set up a league bracket consisting of fan favorite choices for the role of the roguish space adventurer, and we need your votes. Simply cast said vote as each round becomes available on our super slick, way awesome-looking bracket.

Ready to be heard? Good, we thought so. Jump into the first round and pick your first two choices to move on by clicking here.

Here are the nitty-gritty details:

ROUND 1 (TODAY 1/16): Cast your vote in the first unlocked round to determine which actor you would like to see go forward...

ROUND 2 (SAT, 1/18): Cast your vote over the weekend, because after that will come...

ROUND 3 (MON, 1/20): The semi-final where all bets are off! Cast your vote for who you want to see in the final because...

ROUND 4 (TUES, 1/22): The final round! Cast your final vote for who will be the official choice of the fans as The Flash!

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT (THURS, 1/24): Finally, we reveal who YOU, the fans, chose to be the young Han Solo!

Let the voting begin!


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