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Isn't Valentine's Day the worst? You either have to live up to someone's bloated romantic expectations when you'd rather be eating mac 'n cheese and playing PS4 or you're simply crying into that dairy-filled bowl alone. Luckily for all of us, true love is complex and bewitching. Somehow, it can make the laziest of us want to switch our sweatpants for real pants. It can make you turn off Tinder and say, "Hey, there's an actual human being that's willing to touch me and say nice things to my face." About Last Night is that in movie form. There's virtually nothing not to love about it and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to avoid it.

You might remember About Last Night as that 1986 movie starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore before she fully embraced her erotic thriller persona. It was a candid look at relationships, sex, and d-r-a-m-a. If you're a fancy person, you'll probably know About Last Night as David Mamet's play "Sexual Perversity In Chicago," written way before people like his daughter, Zosia Mamet, defined relationships as a Sex and the City-loving millennial on Girls.

The current About Last Night is actually worthy of the title "reimagining." It takes an honest look at sex, love, power dynamics, and general dilemmas and joys faced by anyone who's ever been in a relationship as it follows two couples - the low key Danny and Debbie, played by and , and scene stealers Bernie and Joan, played by and - and follows their break-ups and make-ups in Los Angeles.

If you aren't convinced why Kevin Hart is such a box office draw right now, I'm hoping this movie will convince you. Even if Bernie and Joan aren't the main characters, the casting behind Hart and Hall proves why they're two leading comedic talents. Their chemistry on-screen is undeniable and it's a joy to watch as they fight, love one another, and provide both good and bad advice to their friends. As out there as they are, it's such a pleasant experience as an audience member to identify that they're not as crazy as they initially appear to be.

Ealy and Bryant have their moments as Danny and Debbie. After all, their relationship is the centerpiece for the real romance. But in between their civil relationship and Bernie and Joan's bombastic one, this is a story about friends - the advice we give, both good and bad, along with the selfish and selfless decisions we make in the name of love.

It's rare for me to watch a romantic comedy and not get the sneaking suspicion that it's manufactured for people whose concept of love is as evolved as Ariel in The Little Mermaid, but About Last Night goes above and beyond what it needs to do. This is largely thanks to Bachelorette screenwriter and director , but in the end it boils down to the interactions between great actors that you just can't fake. It's a perfect way to spend 100 minutes with your significant other on Valentine's Day.

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