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Moviepilot’s Creative team were given free reign to come up with exciting ways to share their anticipation for Hercules with Moviepilot users and fans across the web. They had just 48 hours to knock themselves out by creating interactive, shareable content that would engage users, start conversations and promote virality. Below are the fruits of their labors, including custom videos, interactive theme pages hosting quote generators and fan castings, original GIFs, Facebook-specific content, listicles and more.

First up, great Hercules video content

Everyone loves Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, so we created a video with 25 things you probably didn't know about him.


We have Hercules fan casting

Who could compete with The Rock? We let our users choose in bracket format, which mythical beast they would want to see The Rock fight.

Here's what the landing page would look like:

Once you've clicked on a voting option, you'll be taken to this page, which reveals more information about each choice.

Hercules Facebook Takeover

We let Hercules take over our Action Legends Facebook page, which has over 1 million Likes, and where our users are big fans of the movie and Dwayne Johnson.

With a custom profile picture and cover photo, our users will be reminded of the upcoming film each time they come to our Facebook page, or see our stories in their Newsfeeds.

Hercules Facebook Content to Generate Engagement

We created images to be used in Facebook posts on the Moviepilot brand Facebook page, our Action Legends page or the Hercules Facebook page to generate engagement among fans.

Creative Content and Listicles

Our team also created a variety of listicles that relate to Hercules and that we think will generate virality among our fans.

8 Times Dwayne Johnson Was a Hero In Real Life

Editorial Content

How Dwayne Johnson Got A Body Like Hercules

The Real Hercules: Who Was He?

The Biggest Badasses Also Named Hercules


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