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After first making his way onto screens back in 2014, John Wick fought his way back into our hearts this month thanks to the sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2. While no one really expected a second film, there have certainly been no complaints, with reviews even calling the second installment a step up from the original.

But if you've already hit the cinemas and finished watching Keanu Reeves kick ass and take names, you're probably looking for your next fix of revenge-inspired action. So without further ado, take a look below at five other films that are similar to John Wick 2.

1. 'The Rover'

[Credit: A24]
[Credit: A24]

10 years after a global economic crash, the Australian outback has become a lawless, savage place. Poverty, crime and drug addiction runs rampant, and the military patrols the vast expanse in an attempt to keep some semblance of law and order.

After a robbery goes wrong, the criminals make a run for it, stealing the car of a quiet loner named Eric (Guy Pearce). With nothing left except the contents of that car, Eric begins to pursue the criminals on a mission to get back what rightfully belongs to him.

Although not nearly as suave as John Wick, The Rover's Eric is one protagonist you'll be rooting for for the entire film. Accompanied by the injured Rey (Robert Pattinson), one of the criminals from the botched robbery which set the whole chain of events in motion, Eric is undeterred in his dogged pursuit to recover his car.

2. 'In A Valley Of Violence'

[Credit: Focus World]
[Credit: Focus World]

Fans of John Wick are sure to feel a pull towards In A Valley Of Violence, which also uses the death of a beloved pet to spur the main character into action. To be fair Paul (Ethan Hawke) was already a pretty badass guy, but following the murder of his dog, Abbie by the cruel town folk of Denton, Paul swears revenge and so begins one hell of a journey.

Though In A Valley Of Violence is technically a western, it was produced by Blumhouse Productions, known for their horror films, and there's certainly a touch of horror, if only in terms of bloodshed. In terms of action, there's definitely enough to interest a John Wick fan, and with a cast including Karen Gillan, Taissa Farmiga and John Travolta in addition to Hawke, this film is stacked with talent.

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3. 'Kill Bill: Volume 1'

[Credit: Miramax Films]
[Credit: Miramax Films]

One of Quentin Tarantino's finest works, Kill Bill: Volume 1 (and the sequel too!) reads like absolute revenge porn. With more action than you can shake a stick at, the film introduces us the the Bride (Uma Thurman) and her one woman mission to kill Bill.

Four years after being attacked and the shot while pregnant, the Bride wakes from a coma with just one thing on her mind — getting complete and utter revenge on the members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad who were responsible for the attempt on her life.

Incredibly stylish and well acted, Kill Bill: Volume 1 is one of those films that may have been released over 15 years ago, but is still as satisfying as ever to watch. The Bride's motivations for revenge are perhaps even stronger than John Wick's, and her methods are totally savage, but her unending quest for payback will have you rooting for her every step of the way.

4. 'Léon: The Professional'

[Credit: Buena Vista International]
[Credit: Buena Vista International]

If you thought John Wick was an impressive hit man, wait until you meet 12-year-old Mathilda in Léon: The Professional. After her family are killed, and Mathilda is taken in by Léon, a professional assassin, Mathilda begin to pick up the skills she'll need to take out the man responsible for her family's deaths.

As satisfying as John Wick is, what makes Léon: The Professional a truly interesting watch is as much action as it involves, it also equally balances it out with quieter dramatic moments. Not to mention that a tiny pre-fame Natalie Portman is a wonder to watch.

5. 'Oldboy'

[Credit: Tartan Films]
[Credit: Tartan Films]

Yes, I know this film has a US remake, but there's just nothing quite like Park Chan-wook's amazing 2003 original. Oldboy tells the story of Oh Dae-su, a man imprisoned in a hotel room-like prison cell for 15 years with no clue as to who his captors are or their motives. Following his release, Dae-su is challenged to find his captor and discover the reason for his imprisonment within five days or face death.

It's a bold claim, but Oldboy might just be the ultimate revenge story. Starting out with a mystery, the film then twists and turns in unexpected and shocking ways right up until the very end. Don't let the idea of subtitles throw you off, get among this amazing film that takes John Wick's concept of revenge and turns it on its head.


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