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This year alone, so many sequels ranging from the pointless to the ridiculous have graced our screens. We're seeing the likes of the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean, the fifth Transformers, and the eighth , and it's difficult to keep track of the hows and the whys. It's clear these film follow-ups are less about quality, storyline and originality, and more about making box office bank. But there are some potential sequels that could be genuinely worthwhile from both a critical and story standpoint, if handled with love and respect.

1. Fourth Before

Before Midnight [Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment]
Before Midnight [Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment]

Why this should get a sequel: Each Before film offers a fresh perspective on love, showing the effects time has on romance and relationships. Considering the tensions that were present in the third film in the series, Before Midnight, a fourth film could deal with the compelling issues of the two leads Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Céline (Julie Delpy).

What the sequel could be: With the plot of Before Midnight centering on Jesse's son Hank, the next film could mark an education of sorts for the adolescent. In terms of the relationship between Céline and Jesse, they could be portrayed as more relaxed this time around, having finally accepted each other's flaws. Alternatively, they could no longer be in a relationship. But we know Céline is close to her stepson Hank, so it's plausible that she would come to an important life event for him.

In the third film, Céline and Jesse were an unmarried couple suffering through relationship issues. They could come together to ruminate over their relationship past, and now that a grown-up Hank is no longer dependent on them, they might be able to overcome the past issues and reignite the flame.

Likelihood of a sequel: Probably quite high. In usual Richard Linklater and Before fashion, at the end of each installment, the audience was left to ponder the future of Jesse and Céline's relationship. And with Linklater, Hawke and Delpy having enjoyed a longterm working relationship spanning other films, these three would undoubtedly enjoy working together once again.

2. Second Inside Out

Inside Out [Credit: Pixar]
Inside Out [Credit: Pixar]

Why this should get a sequel: Inside Out was a Pixar film with a fascinating concept in which the personified emotions of a girl named Riley must lead her through a difficult stage of her young life. And with Riley now on the brink of adolescence, it would be brilliant to explore how her emotions must deal with the onset of puberty. Considering that is about to release a third Cars film, why shouldn't the animation powerhouse produce a sequel to one of its most critically acclaimed properties?

What the sequel could be: We could meet up with a now-teenage Riley, who is probably around the age of 13–15. The previous film hints at her growing emotional maturity and interest in boys. New feelings could arise, seeing as how she would have emotionally and physically changed in those formative years. Riley would now be a sulky teenager due to her raging hormones. With Riley's touchy teenage outlook, Joy could be at risk of disappearing. The emotions could go on a journey to Riley's heart to try to find some trace of positivity. The exploration of another part of the body would mean we would not be restricted to the confines of the first film, and therefore could have fresh variety in the problems faced by the emotions and what they encounter.

Likelihood of a sequel: Pixar made sequels to Toy Story and a Monsters, Inc. prequel, so the probability of a sequel to an Oscar-winning film like Inside Out remains high.

3. Second Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler [Credit: Open Road Films]
Nightcrawler [Credit: Open Road Films]

Why this should get a sequel: While Nightcrawler's open ending and lack of comeuppance for our protagonist was an effective and eerie way to end the tale, there is a lot of potential for a continuation of Lou Bloom's story. We've reached a turning point in his life, and it would be thrilling to see how he continues in his relentless and ruthless quest to be the best in the biz, and how he copes in a position of power.

What the sequel could be: While smart and tough, Lou Bloom is detestable and lacks the personality needed to truly connect with people. He could be frustrated by another figure managing through charm to rise far quicker than he through the ranks, and with less of a struggle. As Nightcrawler did not offer retribution for Lou's actions, its follow-up could toy with the idea of this antihero potentially losing his livelihood as he's forced into exceedingly desperate situations that unmask his unscrupulous self.

Likelihood of a sequel: Highly unlikely. The ending to Nightcrawler was harrowing and thought provoking. A sequel could definitely build on where the first left off, but is not necessary.

4. Second Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Ferris Bueller's Day Off [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Why this should get a sequel: This a beloved '80s classic and still has a huge fanbase. A sequel had been discussed for a number of years, and who wouldn't want to see where Ferris is now and how times have changed his bold personality?

What the sequel could be: Ferris is now a middle-aged man working a boring office job. He is comfortable, with decent enough pay and a normal family, but realizes that he has lost his adventurous streak and the adrenaline-fueled days of his youth. Suffering something of a midlife crisis, Ferris could decide to skip out on work and have fun for a day. This would be reminiscent of the original, but in a different environment, not upsetting fans by being too dissimilar to the original. It would be nostalgic, retaining the same sense of humor as the first film, although our protagonist's change of life would add a sense of humorous pessimism.

Likelihood of a sequel: Ferris Bueller's Day Off just seems like one of those films always on the brink of production, but doomed to never quite materialize. As the years roll on, a sequel looks less likely.

5. Second Léon: The Professional

Why this should get a sequel: With and Gary Oldman big Hollywood stars, and the original Luc Besson film still an undisputed classic, there would surely be a production team and an audience to get behind this. Léon: The Professional left us with orphan Mathilda's future uncertain.

What the sequel could be: This could follow an adult Mathilda, who is now herself an assassin for hire, having taken up her previous charge's mantle. And because of Léon's help in her younger time of need, Mathilda is a vigilante-type who assassinates corrupt figures. Due to her strange sexualization of Léon, Mathilda still fancies older men; this subplot would retain the fascinating subversive feel of the first movie. As it dawns on her that soon she will be doomed to be a loner like Léon, Mathilda attempts to change the trajectory of her life.

Likelihood of a sequel: Besson has discussed a sequel before, but much like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, there has never been a follow-through. Léon: The Professional was satisfying in itself, and while a sequel has potential, it's not really needed.

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