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Remakes are a tough proposition. Not only do they have to be successful, but they also have the hurdle of winning over longtime fans. More often they are hated and unfairly judged before they are even released. It is even tougher for reboots. Not only do they have to do the above, but also lay the groundwork for future movies. It's a nearly impossible, usually thankless, task.

While difficult good reboots are possible — movies like Casino Royale, Batman Begins and X-Men: First Class have pulled it off beautifully the past few years. With Blair Witch being the latest Hollywood reboot, let's take a look at six movies that deserve a reboot and why they would work.

6. Resident Evil

While it may feel like yesterday, the original Resident Evil film was released over a decade ago in 2002. Since then, the Resident Evil movies have become a successful, if polarizing, action franchise. Even though they have been hits at the box office they have raised the ire of hardcore gamer fans due to the fact that the films weren't scary. They wanted the film to emphasis the horror elements as opposed to the action that dominated the later Resident Evil games. The thing is, they are totally right.

Why It Would Work

The best Resident Evil games are a perfect blend of mystery, creepy location and zombies. With this combo you could easily make a good movie out of the first few games. More importantly, it is the perfect time for this kind of movie to come out. While horror is as popular as ever, it has been awhile since there was a big, non-action based zombie movie in theaters. With this Resident Evil movie series set to end in 2017 this would be the perfect way to bring it back.

5. Van Helsing

Van Helsing was set to be Universal's next big hit in 2004. You had director Stephen Sommers of The Mummy fame, Hugh Jackman fresh off the first X-Men and the Universal Monsters at your disposal. It seemed like a killer idea. Despite a decent box office, it opened to poor reviews and was swiftly brushed under the rug.

Why It Would Work

It's a shame that it's been ignored because the idea is great. Aside from Ghostbusters there really aren't any big movies about a monster hunter right now. Not to mention the Universal Monsters is a great universe to play in. In fact, you could easily utilize a different monster for each movie and culminate with Van Helsing finally taking on Dracula. With the right director and the right script it could be the dark superhero franchise nobody has mastered yet.

4. Grindhouse

I remember when it came out Grindhouse felt like a big deal. It was a risk having a three-hour movie, but the idea of an old school double feature with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino was too good to miss. I bought my tickets, got my popcorn and the theater was half full. Apparently I wasn't the only one to experience this. Despite critical acclaim it bombed at the box office with two Machete movies in its wake.

Why It Would Work

The thing is, the faux-retro horror movie is a great idea. From WNUF Halloween Special to The House of the Devil, there have been tons of critically acclaimed movies that do just that. Not to mention the plethora of horror directors influenced by the '70s and '80s. I don’t see why you can't capitalize on this and put movies like these out under the Grindhouse banner. We may never get a team as big as Tarantino and Rodriguez, but there is no self-respecting horror fan that wouldn't want a double feature from James Wan and Leigh Whannell or indie directors like Adam Green and Joe Lynch. And there is no better place for this to happen than a new Grindhouse movie.

3. Constantine

For years there has been talk of movie based on the comic series Justice League Dark helmed by Guillermo del Toro. More recently, we got news that Doug Liman would direct the newly titled Dark Universe. Focusing more on the supernatural side of the DC universe, it would focus on magic-based characters like John Constantine and Zatanna. As cool as this sounds, I would love to see one more solo Constantine film. While a box office bomb, it has gained a bit of a cult following and deserves one more shot as a solo movie.

Why It Would Work

While team movies can sell they generally don't give us too much characterization. I mean how much do we really know about Captain Boomerang after Suicide Squad? A Constantine reboot would be a perfect way to not only reintroduce John Constantine but also bring future members of Justice League Dark. It also lets you tell a smaller, darker story while team movies tend to be bigger, summer spectacles (a bit off, tonally). DC clearly wants to be an alternative to Marvel by going a grittier route while still being fun. If handled right this could be the movie to nail that.

2. Doom

The video game Doom took the world by storm when it was released in 1993. While the iron wasn’t as hot in 2005 there was still some excitement when it was released. The film is a personal guilty pleasure of mine, but admittedly it's not the best movie. A mix of poor directing, even worse lighting and run-of-the-mill action really hurt the film. Even The Rock has joked on occasion about it being his worst film. When the star of The Tooth Fairy thinks a movie is bad you know things didn't work out.

Why It Would Work

Despite this, hype for Doom has been at an all-time high thanks to the stellar game released this year. It has people wanting more Doom and there is no better place for it than the big screen. You even have a decent sequel hook with Grim (Karl Urban) approaching hell on Earth at the end of the original film. With the right director and the right script I think it could be the R-rated alternative to the more colorful action fair dominating the box office nowadays.

1. Candyman

Based on a story by Clive Barker, Candyman is one of the few slasher films to be praised by critics, even receiving praise from known-slasher movie hater Roger Ebert. Directed by Bernard Rose, Candyman stood above the plethora of Friday the 13th imitators with its urban Chicago setting, some gnarly effects and a story that did more than kill random camp counselors. It was a look on social economics and racism that never got too preachy and just happened to have a guy with a chest full of bees. There were two less successful sequels and the franchise has laid dormant since 1999.

Why It Would Work

From Romero's Night of the Living Dead to John Carpenter's They Live, the best horror and sci-fi has always had a message. Candyman and its Chicago location is perfect for that, no matter what message it wants to convey. It has also been quite a while since there has been a straight up slasher movie in theaters. With the ghost film train faltering a bit, perhaps a slasher film could freshen up the horror landscape a bit.

Of course these are just a fraction of the titles begging for a reboot. Genre film is littered with amazing ideas that were mishandled, ahead of their time, or just plain forgotten. Here's hoping they are rediscovered someday.

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Would you like to see any of these reboots? What do you think deserves a reboot? Let me know in the comments.


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