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September is finally upon us and that can only mean one thing: the start of Oscar Season. This is the time for film studios to start releasing some of their best movies just months before Awards Season for the possibility to win at the Golden Globes, BAFTA and, of course, the Oscars. But what films should you be looking out for this month alone? Here are some suggestions to put on your watchlist.

1. Goon: Last Of The Enforcers

Release Date: September 1

The first Goon film was a moderately successful sports film about Doug Glatt, a violent hockey player who feels like an outcast in his family because they're all intelligent. Moviegoers found the film humorous while also being reminiscent of Paul Newman's 1974 hit, Slap Shot. The sequel deals with Glatt having to possibly face retirement from professional hockey after sustaining serious injuries from previous games.

In order to earn cash for his pregnant wife, Glatt will have to succumb to regular life and become an insurance salesman. However, the call of the game and the thrill of the fight might be too much for him to give up. If you were a fan of the first film, with it's physical humor and entertaining performances from Sean Williams Scott and Liev Schreiber, you'll probably enjoy this film as well.

2. IT

Release Date: September 8

While the original has been deemed a classic by horror fans (despite its silly second half), this upcoming remake wants to scare the pants off your legs from beginning to end. Like the original, follows a group of outcast kids who form friendships with each other and call themselves "The Losers Club." They are haunted by a strange entity that just so happens to be a creepy, smiling clown.

Bill Skarsgård looks to take the character of Pennywise the Clown and recreate the magic that Tim Curry brought to the role back in 1990 while also making the role his own. At an advance screening, the audience described the film as truly terrifying, so that's a pretty good sign right there. If you're a fanatic, you might want to put this on your watchlist this month.

3. Home Again

Release Date: September 8

Home Again is a rather different spin on the romantic-comedy genre. The film stars Reese Witherspoon as Alice Kinney, a woman who has recently separated from her husband and moved back to her hometown with her two daughters. While trying to restart her life, she meets three aspiring filmmakers who need a place to crash and she offers to help them temporarily. While helping them out, new, unexpected romances start blossoming with some consequences along the way.

4. American Assassin

Release Date: September 15

Coming off the recovery of the injuries he sustained while filming the previous Maze Runner movie, Dylan O'Brien returns to the big screen as Mitch Rapp, a CIA black ops recruit. Rapp, while under the mentorship of Cold War veteran, Stan Hurley (played by Michael Keaton), is recruited by the CIA to investigate a wave of attacks on random targets, both military and civilian. During their investigation, they come across a pattern in the attacks that leads to them try and stop a mysterious operative from starting an expansive war in the Middle East.

Based on the novel by Vince Flynn, the film hopes to be a faithful adaptation of the original source material. Fans of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner franchise will be excited to see O'Brien expand his filmography and it'll be great to see Michael Keaton in another scene-stealing role. Be sure to check this one out on September 15.

5. Mother!

Release Date: September 15

Mother! follows a married couple (Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem) who are living a life of happiness until a mysterious older couple (Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer) decide to lodge with them. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky, the same director that brought us Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream, and uses his same surreal style to create an uncomfortable atmosphere — one that seems to be hiding something more sinister under the surface.

Not much else is known about the plot, and that's looks to be for the better: this looks like the kind of movie you need to go into blind. Right now Mother! looks like it'll be one of the more original movies to come out this month, and it definitely looks like an interesting watch.

6. Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

Release Date: September 21

The first Kingsman film was a huge surprise to audiences, as the trailers didn't really sell how amazing the movie was going to be. Most would agree that it looked like a weird James Bond knock-off — which it kind of was, but in the best way possible. Fast-paced action, fun characters and solid performances from Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson were enough to keep us entertained for the whole movie.

Now, the sequel is rolling around and it looks to expand on the original comic book the first film was based on. introduces a new villain named Poppy, played by Julianne Moore, who destroys all the known Kingsman headquarters. This leaves only our main heroes to team up with their American brothers, The Statesmen, to take down their common enemy. The sequel looks to give us more of what we loved from the original, including original cast members and director, Matthew Vaughn. You probably already have this one your to-watch list.

7. Stronger

Release Date: September 21

Stronger is based on the true story of Jeff Bauman, played here by Jake Gyllenhaal, who lost his legs after the infamous Boston Marathon bombing. The film is set to follow Bauman's memoir, explaining the tribulations he had to go through to get to where he is today, including his surgeries and adjusting to life as a handicapped man. September is officially the beginning of Oscar Season for actors, and this looks to be an extra strong role for Gyllenhaal. The story also appears to be a dramatic tearjerker for those emotional moviegoers.

8. The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Release Date: September 21

adds to the now popular LEGO franchise and hopes to continue it's trend of leaving audiences with tears in their eyes from laughter. The film follows Master Builder Lloyd, a.k.a. The Green Ninja, along with his ninja friends and Master Wu as they go up against the evil Garmadon, who just so happens to be Lloyd's dad. From the first few seconds of the trailer, you can tell this movie uses the same hilarious nonsense humor both The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie used, which we're all thankful for.

If you loved the humor from the previous films, then you'll probably enjoy this movie fine. Just remember, usually the third movie in a franchise fails to live up to audience expectations. Remember Spider-Man 3, Godfather III, or Alien 3? Let's just keep our fingers crossed for another Return of the King.

9. Battle Of The Sexes

Release Date: September 21

Battle of the Sexes is the true story of a professional tennis match between world champ Billie Jean King and ex-champion Bobby Riggs that became one of the most watched televised sporting events of all time. While the movie is centered around the tennis match that sparked controversy between the genders, it also focuses on the lives of the two players.

While King has a supportive husband that roots for her every step of the way, she also struggles to come to terms with her own sexuality. Her opponent Riggs is a recovering gambling addict who's put his reputation on the line to relive his glory days. It's a film about a cultural spectacle starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell — How can you not be excited?

Which film are you looking forward to seeing the most in September? Comment down below!


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