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It's New Year's Day and all you can do is lay on your bed (or your couch) and wish the pain would stop. It's a time-honored tradition, as is distracting yourself from the booze-induced agony by watching a classic movie — preferably one that you don't have to think too hard about.

But you should think about which movie to watch, because an action flick with a million loud gunshots probably isn't going to help your headache. There are different kinds of hangover moods, so here are suggestions for movies that will relax you, motivate you and otherwise get you prepared for 2017.

1. Anchorman

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: Moderate. Milk on a hot day was a bad choice, and so was that last glass of champagne last night — but like Ron Burgundy, you'll bounce back before long.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: The perfect recovery movie. It has some very creative slapstick comedy, a ton of memorable one-liners and, more importantly, a story that is easy to follow. Ron Burgundy may be Will Ferrell's greatest role, and this is one of the greatest comedies ever. Even the love scenes were goofy and funny.

Anchorman's comedy, while creative, is obvious enough that you can just sit back and enjoy your headache while you're hydrating. Plus, if you nod off while watching it, you'll be able to wake up and still follow what's going on.

2. Finding Nemo

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: The kind where you're swimming in regret.

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy Finding Nemo and its recent sequel. They have everything you could want in a movie: a great story, lovable characters, beautiful visuals and laid-back sea turtles. Nemo especially has a ton of replay value and some amazing side characters (personally, I loved Bloat).

Why You'll Want To Watch It: Finding Nemo has a great message for people who are having regrets from the past year, or specifically from the past night: just keep swimming. (And not in that regret!)

When things have gone bad, dwelling on them isn't going to solve the problem. If Marlin dwelled on his mistake, he never would have found his son. Sometimes, you have to move forward, and that's what New Year's Day is all about.

3. Sausage Party

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: When you woke up still drunk from the night before, and the hangover is going to hit sometime in the next couple hours.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: This is the perfect movie to pop in if you're still kind of intoxicated and laughing from everything, because it's so damn weird and off the wall that you might actually like it more. Have you heard the joke about the wiener, the bun and the taco that walk into the wrong aisle of the supermarket? Well, it doesn't go like you'd think it would; it gets much, much worse and raunchier.

I strongly recommend watching this movie with friends. Their laughter makes this movie that much funnier. And the last five minutes are just...magical.

4. Across The Universe

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: You're utterly exhausted but just can't sleep, and desperately need your brain to chill.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: Sometimes a long night requires a movie that you can just sit back and vibe to. Maybe you need something subtle. Something relaxing. And what is more relaxing than the Beatles?

Across The Universe has a great story about love, friendship, and the ups and downs of life, all set to Beatles songs that everybody loves. It may have some sad moments, but features some amazing singing voices and cool takes on classic songs.

It also, like Finding Nemo, has a great message for your hungover ass: the characters in this movie take chances in their lives; they leave their countries, homes, relationships and all sorts of other things to pursue what they love. We're entering a new year, and as cliché as it sounds, maybe it's the perfect time to try and reach for your goals, even if that just means asking out a person you like.

5. Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: When you're cuddling with someone who's equally hungover.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: You may assume this movie — which follows the classic tale almost completely, except now there's zombies being killed by some extremely badass women — is a giant waste of time. But you'd be wrong. It has something for everyone: a love story that isn't over the top, and action that is over the top.

Grab your loved one, get comfortable under the bed, cuddle up and enjoy. I rented this movie a few months back with the intention of laughing; next thing I know I am more into the actual love story than I am the action. Granted, the action was an added bonus, but the story itself was amazing and kind of romantic.

6. Horrible Bosses

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: You're feeling extra nauseous because you just remembered you have to go back into work tomorrow.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: A federal holiday is the perfect time to sit back and think about what you really want out of your career. I doubt any of us have bosses as bad as these guys, but you still may detest your job nonetheless. So this movie will motivate you to take the necessary steps to apply for a new gig — or maybe take some chances and figure out what's necessary to qualify for your dream job in 2017.

Even if you love your job and your boss, this is still a great movie to watch. With Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis leading the way (and Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell playing the hilarious horrible bosses), this movie was destined to be good.

7. Gravity

What Type Of Hangover It's Best For: You really, really need to puke, but you just can't seem to get it out.

Why You'll Want To Watch It: Gravity is an inspiring, Academy Award-winning story about the human will to survive triumphing over impossible odds, just like your will to survive this hangover. The first 30 minutes of zero-gravity spinning are also basically guaranteed to get you hurling that rum punch back up. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

What are your go-to hangover movies? Let me know in the comments below!


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