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Abi Toll

is developing the new film Marwencol which will merge fantasy and reality as a follow-up to his Oscar-nominated Flight.

The documentary- which ended up on many best-of lists- also demonstrated how fragile Hogancamp's world was.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Universal has optioned the 2010 documentary Marwencol and as part of the deal, Universal also picked up Hogancamp's life rights. The project is coming to Universal with a script by (Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas).

Watch the trailer for the astounding 2010 Marwencol documentary here:


The Hollywood Reporter also stated that ImageMovers are set to produce the film under their Universal-based banner with Jeff Malmberg who will act as executive producer. No castings have been made as yet, however sources say that Zemeckis is hoping to court for the powerful lead role.

Call me fickle but any film that Dicaprio is set to star in is half way there to success. Is there anyone else that you would you like to see in the leading role?



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