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Jack Giroux

Based on the trailers and everything we've heard about the upcoming reboot of Superman, Man of Steel, we are in for a fairly serious origin story. The movie has 's "grounded" approach written all over it. Superman having daddy issues? Check. Not being able to fit in with society? Another check for potential high-minded comic book drama for the alien in tights.

But does that drama have to come from a more serious take on the character? Superman is a very fantastical character, one we don't associate with realism.

Screenwriter , who came up with the idea for Man of Steel while hitting a creative roadblock on The Dark Knight Rises, spoke with us about why that grounded approach is suited for today's audiences versus a more overtly comic book-y tone:

When the [Richard] Donner films came out 35 or 36 years ago, film often tended to be very linked to which the time they were made, you know? Even in a period film made now, it would be different than a period film which would have been made 20 years. I just think we live in a very different world than when we did in the 1970s. The challenge for us was seeing if we could make Superman relevant and relatable today. We just live in a different world now. Is that the right approach or the only approach? Not necessarily, it's just the approach we took.

I think arguments can be made that a movie like Donner's Superman could connect with a modern day audience. Looking at Captain America, that movie shares a similar tone with a good 'ol boy hero and a clear sense or right and wrong.

But that's not the Superman movie we're getting, and there's nothing wrong with that. After Bryan Singer's Donner fanfilm didn't connect, taking the franchise in a more serious direction makes sense. Based on Goyer's words, it sounds like they made the right choice, especially with the "first contact" idea the screenwriter's been discussing recently. It's strange how none of the previous Superman movies really touched on that. Based on the positive buzz for Man of Steel, it looks like we'll be glad Goyer and director did.


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