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Jack Giroux

Director is lucky when it comes to his upcoming remake of WarGames. For one thing, most people under thirty don't remember the story of David (), a young man who finds a backdoor into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing, and his possible starting of World War III. There isn't a whole lot of pressure for Gordon going into this project, at least from the fans of the original film, to deliver the "greatest thing ever made."

Since he isn't taking on the Citizen Kane of hacker movies, Gordon acknowledged he is able to take the story in a new direction:

"We have another idea now of a kid getting in over his idea. I think it'll work."

Most interesting is how Gordon sees WarGames as a story designed more for the current generation of filmgoing fans:

"I love that movie. Bizarrely, I think, the story about a hacker who unwillingly gets himself in hot water by hacking into the Department of Defense is more plausible nowadays than it was in 1993. A big reason why that worked was because everything about computers was foreign to them. They didn't question it, but only they would now."

WarGames certainly does sound like a story more suited for our times, so Gordon is right on target there. What could make the movie an easy target, though, is how computer savvy some people are nowadays. If you try for "movie" computer science, like Swordfish or Hackers, people tend to catch on.

Gordon has time to figure all that out though. After the succesful opening of Identity Thief, don't be surprised to hear more about this project in the near future.


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