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Jack Giroux

Look at that above image. What says "mega blockbuster" more than that bare-chested guy with a blond pageboy haircut? Not much, honestly, which is why it seems making another Masters of the Universe movie hasn't been a fast-tracked project. Even with onboard to direct, the process has been slow going.

It's a tough project, but Chu is prepared to tackle it.

Moviepilot spoke to John Chu about his other action figure flick, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and he discussed with us where the He-Man project is at. From what Chu tells us, the movie is in very early stages of development and the tone, scope, and designs are being worked on as of right now:

I don't know the answer [on bringing it to a modern audience], to be honest. I know the script I read was beautiful, amazing, relatable, and human in every way. It was set on another planet, but it was so here. It's relatable, and I love that. It's a He-Man I've never experienced before. It was poetic in a strange way, which is what I want to bring to life. We don't have the tone down yet, but we're very early on in designing the world, the culture, and characters. We're trying to make as many mistakes as we can right now, so we can get that out of the way and figure out the path we want to take. We're in the most important and interesting phases of finding where the movie is.

It sounds like Chu is trying to avoid the mistakes of the original Masters of the Universe adaptation. That film didn't turn out so hot, but Chu briefly shared his love for the film, while also, and thankfully, saying his movie wouldn't be paying homage to it:

[Laughs] I love the original film, but we're very different from that.

This is news a lot of us will appreciate. The tone Chu brought to_ G.I. Joe: Retaliation_ seems kind of perfect for He-Man. Epic in scope, memorable characters, and still room for plenty of fun. It's the right kind of approach to He-Mannish material.


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