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Jack Giroux

Right now Disney is currently running figures to see if 's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo, is worth sinking some pretty pennies into. Fincher has long been attatched to the project, but considering the large amount of money involved, Disney hasn't been gung-ho about pulling the trigger.

While 20,000 Leagues ever seeing the light of day is a question, the passion and talent behing the prospective film is not. Fincher aside, screenwriter served as a writer of the project, a man behind some of the best character-driven studio produced films of the past few years. He's not a guy who takes a check, but someone interested in character, and not just blowing shit up. When Moviepilot talked to him about this point, he explained:

When it's a ahead action piece, I feel like so much of that stuff is overdone. The way for me to work is to drill down into character and find the justification or the way into a territory that's been gone over, and I think that's the only way to keep that stuff fresh. When I was working on The Bourne Ultimatum, I was looking to find stuff where the action bloomed out of Matt that was a part of Jason Bourne, instead of our desire to blow shit up.

That sounds like the right fit for Fincher, of whom Burns is a huge fan, saying,"...even if I had nothing to do with it [20,000 Leagues], I would be first in line to see that movie." Based on how Fincher pitched the character of Captain Nemo to Burns, it's obvious why:

The Captain Nemo [David] Fincher and I concieved of was flawed, murderous, and, also, righteous, brilliant, and compelling. That's what makes people complicated and fascinating.

Are you ready for a modern return to the watery depths with Fincher and Burns?


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