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Most fans gave up on the idea of a third Riddick film. talked up a third movie for ages, and it always seemed like nothing but talk. But we were wrong. The third entry in the series, Riddick, is now a reality. The second sequel harkens back to the dirty monster movie simplicity of the first film, while also expanding a little bit on the world we saw in The Chronicles of Riddick.

We only see a bit of Furya in this new chapter, but according to writer/director , the next two films in the series would deal with that land Riddick once ruled. Would Twohy return to the epic sensibility of Chronicles or retain Pitch Black and Riddick's smaller scale? Speaking with Twohy, it's a question he has as well.

"That's the question! There's probably two more movies to wrap up the macro story. One is Riddick's return to Furya, to set all that turmoil right. The other question is: does the route back to Furya take you back through the Necrommonger empire and Underverse? Those are the things Vin and I talk about."

If Twohy returns to that larger scope, there will inevitably be questions over the film's rating. Twohy, as well, hopes to stay away from another PG-13 Riddick:

"We do, we do, we do [hope it'll be R-rated]. If I say it three times it'll be true!"

Hopefully, if Riddick is a success, Twohy will have his R-rated druthers. A Riddick movie doesn't feel quite right unless he gets some blood and guts on his hands. We definitely see that violent side return in Riddick.

After years of working on the new film, it's kind of amazing Twohy is already considering two more films set in this world. All he needs to make those two sequels a reality is a box-office hit, and at a modest 40 million budget, he doesn't need to break any records to get there. With Vin Diesel's box-office clout firmly back in place, there's a good chance we'll see that return to Furya Twohy teased us about.

Riddick opens in theaters September 6th.


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