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Amongst all the talk of gunslingers, killer clowns, and creatures from the mist, it would be easy for even the most ardent Stephen King fan to overlook the upcoming adaptation of Mr Mercedes. However, now that we have our first glimpse of Harry Treadaway in the title role, we're just as revved up for this show as we are the likes of IT and The Mist.

Helmed by executive producers David E. Kelley (The Practice) and Jack Bender (Under the Dome), promises to be one of the darker adaptations to hit our screens this year. The show will adapt the story of serial killer Brady Hartsfield (Treadaway) as he takes ex-cop Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) on a merry chase into the most disturbing realms of Stephen King's psyche.

Although we doubt that the likes of and the Man In Black will crop up in Mr Mercedesalthough never say never — the truth is that the human threats who feature in Stephen King's work can sometimes be far more terrifying than his supernatural creations.

Anton Yelchin's tragic death occurred before he could begin filming, but fortunately, it looks like Harry Treadaway will do the role justice, moulding his twitchy persona from Penny Dreadful into something far darker for Mr Mercedes.

Stephen King supports the talent involved too, telling Variety that:

"I've admired Jack Bender’s work for years, both as a director on Lost and later, Under the Dome, where he really caught the suspense element. David Kelley is incredibly gifted. I’m excited to work with these amazing talents.”

Whether Mr Mercedes races ahead of the competition or runs out of gas depends on how well the show is received when it airs on August 9, 2017, but either way, it's a good year to be a fan of Stephen King.


Are you more excited to watch Mr Mercedes or The Mist?

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