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The nightmare-inducing antics of Pennywise may have helped the first IT promo break records worldwide, but the Dancing Clown has some competition on his clawed hands if the first trailer for the Mr Mercedes TV show is anything to go by. Both clowns cartwheeled out of Stephen King's mind straight onto our screens and both sure do enjoy killing people — but who will have the last laugh?

Check out the first official trailer for Mr Mercedes below to see a glimpse of the creepy clown mask in action, and the smiley face motif that's sure to haunt your sleep in the coming months.

"Every cop gets one they just can't shake. This is mine."

IT may be grabbing all the headlines and The Mist may air first, but Mr Mercedes has the potential to jingle on right past the numerous Stephen King adaptations heading our way, emerging as the head of the pack. Brendan Gleeson has already nailed the role of weary ex-cop Bill Hodges in the trailer, and our first look at Harry Treadaway in the clown mask proves that Mr Mercedes won't pull its punches.

himself has expressed love for the project and will even appear in a cameo role on the show, so fans are understandably excited for Mr Mercedeseven if the professional clowns aren't.

Find out if serial killer Brady Hartsfield will be brought to justice, or if he'll continue peddling his unique brand of ice cream and death when the Audience show Mr Mercedes airs on August 9.

Which upcoming Stephen King adaptation are you excited for most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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