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Daniel Greaves

Dear Animation followers,

Having generated momentum on Mr Plastimime over the past year, it was a huge setback to have to put down the tools.

Even though I am able to continue to choreograph the dance sequence myself, I miss the glory days of working with a team, discussing each shot, developing the art direction and adding sound effects to enhance the action.

It's a great shame and so frustrating to get so far in to development and have to stop production. The stage is set, lights are dimmed, the crew waiting and the actors poised, ready to continue where they left off. To think that our main characters, Graeme and Betsy may never get it together? Well, it's too much.

It was never my intention to seek outside funding, but the very nature of producing a film of this sort requires a talented crew working over a very long time. Now established, it is impossible to compromise on the quality of animation as we have set such a high standard of expressive emotion. The Mr. Plastimime crew have already agreed reduced rates, as we review what we have left to do. I have conversations with the crew all the time, and they are itching to resume filming and pick up the momentum.

I reach out symbolically with my battered trilby for what ever anyone can afford to pledge to the Mr. Plastimime Kickstarter campaign. Not as an investment, but a belief that you have assisted in a film that has the means to entertain, delight and move an audience.

Please help Graeme save Betsy from an inevitable death! We would all be eternally grateful.

Thank you,


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Help support the cause! Just check out Mr. Plastimime's Facebook Page as well as his Kickstarter Project! We're all just clicks away from making a difference!


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