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Kamala Khan isn't your average comic book hero. She's a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager who lives in Jersey City and spends as much time writing fanfiction as she does saving the city. It's great to see how fans have embraced this new iteration of Ms. Marvel. But while the comic book series has certainly been a hit, the female superhero has yet to be represented in any shows or movies (bar one episode of Avengers Assemble). Until now, that is.

Ms Marvel will star in the popular Marvel anime, The Future Avengers. The Future Avengers is one of the six Marvel anime series that is being made in association with Marvel Entertainment. The anime, which airs exclusively in Japan, revolves around Makoto, a young boy who gains superpowers due to an evil gene manipulation experiment. Makoto and other kids join the as apprentices named "Future Avengers" where they train under Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Wasp. Although characters like Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Captain Marvel and Deadpool have all appeared in the show, this will mark the first time for .

Kamala in 'Future Avengers' [Credit: Marvel & Dlife]
Kamala in 'Future Avengers' [Credit: Marvel & Dlife]

The character's inclusion in the show is great for fans of the character but also marks a stride forward in terms of representing more diverse on screen. In many ways, Kamala has been a symbol for the change in the comic book industry and the acceptance of non-white characters.

As one of the few Muslim superheroes, and by far the most successful, Ms Marvel's background has endeared her to many fans for whom she is much-needed representation. But above all, it's Kamala's youth and vigor that has endeared her to so many people, making her an iconic character for a new generation of comic book lovers — since she's everything that we Millennials embody.

Although it isn't clear how Kamala will fit in Future Avengers, her inclusion is certainly going to bring in more viewers to the series. Hopefully this is only the beginning of Kamala's onscreen representation. Back in 2016, Marvel's ex-CCO hinted at Kamala's involvement in the . Her status as an Inhuman should also allow her an easy access into the ABC's world. Kamala is certainly one of the best modern heroes Marvel has to offer so let's hope that we see more and more of her in days to come. In the meantime, you can check out Ms Marvel's anime debut on Crunchyroll!

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