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Brian Salisbury

Long ago, we abandoned all hope of seeing music videos again on MTV, which was frankly fine because YouTube more than scratched that itch for us. Then, after a spate of some of the worst reality television dreck, I gave up hope of seeing anything worth watching on MTV.

But their recent interest in horror content, at the very least, intrigues me. After announcing late last year that they were set on turning the Scream franchise into a series, Deadline is reporting that MTV has just green-lit a new supernatural horror series called The Dorm. The female-centric show will follow college freshmen Vivian (Pitch Perfect's ) who is transformed from awkward loner to popular knockout thanks to her roommates.

Umm...what? That's the logline? What the hell is frightening about that? It sounds like they are trying to squeeze scary from a makeover reality show. If horror is a direction in which MTV legitimately wants to move, I'm on board. If that merely amounts to reheating dead film franchises and retrofitting college popularity dramas, no thanks.

The Dorm will co-star (Degrassi) and (Teen Wolf), and is set to be directed by (Freddy's Dead). The script has apparently been written by (Halloween: Resurrection). I am a firm believer that we need more female horror directors (more working female directors in general really), but Freddy's Dead was fairly awful. Furthermore, the LAST person I would want in charge of writing this series is the guy who thought ANYTHING from Halloween: Resurrection was worth leaving his name on the final draft.

I guess what I'm saying is that I am not holding out hope.


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