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Sophie Atkinson

Holy Moly, MTV has announced a debut date for the winter installment of hit series, Teen Wolf! The wild series will return January 6 for more mayhem, madness and fur. Teen Wolf is currently enjoying the highest viewing figures it's ever had, with 10% more viewership than its previous all-time high.

MTV has released a spine tingling teaser trailer, which looks ridiculously, painfully exciting. There's heaps of shots of the photogenic cast doing Matrix-esque stunt fighting and there's thudding atmospheric music and heaps of CGI, plus Pretty Little Liars's playing the same uber-cynical, uber-knowing character as Maya.

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Now, call me a huge square, but you guys...aren't you a little bored of teenage supernatural high jinks and special FX? I mean, can you guys remember the golden pre-Buffy period (not that Buffy isn't great, but) when US high school shows weren't about vampires or werewolves, but about, y'know, puberty and crushing on people and emoshions?

I can't help but feel that none of Teen Wolf's high octane slickness comes even close to something like My So-Called Life. aside, the cast looked like normal people rather than Abercrombie models, the clothes were rubbish (or awesome, if you've got my questionable fashion sense) and nothing much happened, but GOD, it was fantastic. It had so much heart, y'knows? Remember?


And remember Rayanne Graff, the all-time best ever TV best friend?


Ok, enough strolling down Nostalgia Lane. Has MTV's trailer got you guys pumped for the next Teen Wolf series?


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