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It may be the end of the line for Scott McCall and friends, but MTV has massive plans for the future of the Teen Wolf franchise. The final 10 episodes don't begin airing until July 30th, but fans will be surprised to hear that this is not the true end for their beloved characters and mythologies.

MTV's president Chris McCarthy has announced that there are plans to reboot the franchise with a whole new cast and setting. It has the potential to become an anthology series — possibly with some returning characters from the past. There is always difficulty for fans when a series ends, as we can no longer follow the lives of the characters we've spent so much time watching, but this gives that chance.

That is not the only surprising news MTV had to share. The network ha announced plans to keep the original series alive through podcasts after the finale airs later this summer. McCarthy spoke with Hollywood Reporter regarding the podcasts and how it could lead to a reboot:

"These characters and these stories have hit a peak. We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive. And the beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years."

"How do we keep this franchise alive in podcasts, in the spirit of Serial, and then how do we actually reboot an entire new class? Because the heart of MTV is around these timeless issues of young people and coming of age, but the timely piece will be the whole new cast, new set of issues and stories to explore through them. With Teen Wolf, we have such a beautiful gem. And when you have a creator like Jeff that is such an amazing partner and the fan base that is hungry for more, we're crazy not to."

Teen Wolf is no stranger when it comes to the digital aspect of TV with its companion web series, Search for a Cure. It also makes sense that the network is having a tough time letting the franchise go, considering it has become one of the most successful scripted series in MTV's history during its six-year run. It is also important to note that this news comes just a day after the latest details involving MTV's reboot plans with Scream.

The reboot is supposedly still in the early stages of planning as McCarthy claims they want the initial series finale to "marinate" with fans for a year or so before bringing the franchise back to the small screen. As for the podcast, fans won't have long to wait, as MTV plans to roll it out shortly after the finale. If you're struggling with the fact of saying goodbye to your favorite teenage were-creatures, be sure to remember it probably won't be goodbye forever.

The final episodes of Teen Wolf's sixth season begin airing Sunday, July 30th on MTV.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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