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Sophie Atkinson

Ahh, MTV, America's Young Dream. A channel ran by 45 year old bizniz execs trying to think like suburban 15 year olds sticking TV presenters who look like they wished they wrote for Vice Magazine in front of the camera. What an exciting postmodern mish-mash that channel is.

MTV baiting aside, I'm getting excited about Divergent because the set video looks pretty entertaining. It taught me that and have sexy husky blues singer voices - is this a must for today's matinee idols? Also, nice cheekbones everyone.

That said, if Theo and Shailene have such good chemistry, why does Shailene's 'hi there' hug look so toe-curlingly awkward?

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Am I just being snarky because it's the end of the day and I'm jonesing for my supper, or do I have some good points? Let me know below.


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