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News has broken that Disney's live action remake of animated classic Mulan will be devoid of all its musical charm, and nineties kids are not happy. The 1998 film featured arguably some of the best songs of any Disney film to date; unfortunately, the catchy tunes don't bode well with the movie's new direction.

This comes after the equally shocking news that Mulan's military captain and love interest Li Shang also won't be featured, and has instead been replaced by Chen Honghui, a fellow army recruit and "bully" who engages in a fierce rivalry with "Ping" AKA Mulan.

Mulan [Credit: Disney]
Mulan [Credit: Disney]

No Li Shang? No Way!

Suffice to say, seeing a real-life, shirtless Li Shang whipping his recruits into shape was an eagerly anticipated feature of the upcoming remake; not to mention the shameless joy that comes with belting out some of your favorite childhood Disney ballads as an adult.

Admittedly, it's an artistic decision that looks to suggest a more serious action film deeply rooted in the original story. Mulan is also set to feature a Chinese cast, which means it's safe from accusations of whitewashing. In fact, it sounds a lot like this 2009 film that already exists:

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People Are Kind Of Pissed

Mulan [Credit: Disney]
Mulan [Credit: Disney]

Judging from the reactions, this isn't the kind of Mulan movie people were expecting. Take a look at some of the most scathing (and hilarious) responses to these two key changes:

10. Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children!

9. How Will We Know? How?!

8. Nickelodeon Star Brec Bassinger Dishing Out The Threats Already

7. Where's The Bisexual Subtext?

6. Emperor, Out!

5. The Anti-Gay Agenda?

4. Furry Fury

3. Ugh Fine, Take My Money

2. Give Us Our Goddamn Trans Anthem, Disney

[Credit: @deadcool Twitter]
[Credit: @deadcool Twitter]

1. Ignorance Is Bliss

What do you think about Disney's decision to make a musical-free Mulan?

Mulan [Credit: Disney]
Mulan [Credit: Disney]


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