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The Universal Monster Cinematic Universe will finally return after 2014's Dracula Untold with the 2017 reboot of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, plus Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek: Beyond) as the titular monster, previously portrayed by Boris Karloff and Arnold Vosloo. Since the movie is more than half a year away, it is safe to assume that a trailer might drop in the not-too-distant future.

The Mummy really needs to hook people with that first trailer, considering that the 1999 version is still a beloved film. How to do that? Well, the producers can learn from another recently rebooted classic movie monster — specifically, they can learn from the newly released trailer for Kong: Skull Island.

Let's go over how Kong: Skull Island should influence The Mummy's first trailer, shall we?

1. Keep A Consistent Tone

Kong: Skull Island's tone is, in a word, ominous, much like the 2014 Godzilla. Likewise, Dracula Untold did a great job of establishing a dark and gloomy tone for the universe, so it would be best to stick with that in future installments.

A darker tone would be perfect for this version of The Mummy to further establish itself from the 1999 version, which had a very bright, upbeat, Indiana Jones-esque tone. Writer Jon Spaihts describes the movie as a "horror adventure." Just like with Kong: Skull Island, a darker tone would also help in making the villain more threatening — after all, this is a movie about an undead powerhouse, so we want her to be frightening.

2. Great Action

Just because I want you to stick with that dark tone doesn't mean I want you to abandon the action elements, which were done greatly in the 1999 version. With this version taking place in the modern day, you can give us some really good action with soldiers attempting to kill the Mummy but she lays waste to them.

As much as the Mummy will be using her powers, she would benefit from being great at hand-to-hand combat. The good news is that we have Sofia Boutella, the lady who kicked all kinds of ass in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek: Beyond.

3. Show Us This Is NOT A Rehash

The previous version of The Mummy may be loved, but we don't want to see that story repeated (except with a female version of the monster). No Rick O'Connell, no Books of the Dead/Living, no City of the Dead, and no ancient order of warriors dedicated to keeping the Mummy from being resurrected — stay true to the essence of the story, but do your own thing with it!

Kong: Skull Island's trailer definitely was a perfect example of this: it perfectly established itself as a complete reboot while still seeming familiar to what we long admired about previous King Kong films.

Give the Mummy a new set of powers — OK, maybe the keep the awesome sand-kinesis powers — give her a whole new origin as to why she was cursed, etc. You're already on a roll by introducing Dr. Henry Jekyll (played by Russell Crowe) in the film as a supporting character, which is more than likely a buildup to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie, and the eventual team up film. Speaking of which...

4. Do Not Spoil The Twists In The Trailer

Do not make the same mistake as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which infamously spoiled the character of Doomsday — it could have been a great reveal in the film!

Instead, The Mummy trailer should go the route of Kong: Skull Island, where we still have no idea who the villain is: is it Kong? The Skull Crawlers? Both? Who knows?

Sure, we all know that the Mummy will be the big bad, but if there are other villains that appear towards the end of the film? DO NOT SHOW IT! If Henry Jekyll ends up becoming Edward Hyde in the film? DO NOT SHOW IT! Save some surprises for us to see in the theaters!

5. A GOOD Background Music Choice

The transition from CCR's "Bad Moon Rising" to Henry Jackman's score is jarring and incredibly effective. Whether you use an orchestral score or a previously existing song from a popular artist (or both!), pick a good one. I am very excited for the Assassin's Creed movie, but its editors picked the worst songs to play in the background.

Even if you have to pull the cliche of using a creepy cover version of a song, just pick something good to get us hyped up. Dracula Untold had a great choice for a trailer song:

6. Tom Cruise Running For His Life

We're probably going to get this anyway. It is a Tom Cruise movie after all.

Granted, The Mummy trailer won't fully indicate whether it's a good or bad movie. There are horrible movies with amazing trailers, like Prometheus, and also good movies with horrible trailers, like Dredd. All depends on the editor — so hopefully they know what they're doing AND the movie will also be good.

The Mummy reboot hits theaters on June 9th, 2017. What do you think should be in the first trailer?


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