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They did it in Scrubs, they smashed it out of the park in Buffy, and even It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia got in on the trend, but now Chandler Riggs is calling for a musical episode of The Walking Dead.

Riggs threw the interesting idea out to audiences during a panel at Walker Stalker Con London while he and Andrew Lincoln were asking the audience how they wanted Negan's storyline to end. After posing a few scenarios, Lincoln threw out the option that Negan and Rick might resolve their issues and live in harmony, finishing the episode with a big musical number. Obviously this wasn't exactly a runner with the audience, but it did allow for Chandler to reveal a secret dream, telling the crowd "I've been pushing for the musical for years, man. Pushing for that musical."

Well, la jiggy jar jar do, Carl Poppa is finally ready to make a comeback!

While it might seem a little strange, plenty of drama series have jumped on board the musical episode train in the past, including Grey's Anatomy, Psych and even Xena: Warrior Princess.

Not to mention that the show has definitely attracted some pretty talented singers over its run, including Katelyn Nacon (Enid), who sings, writers her own songs and even plays the ukulele.

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Over the last seven seasons The Walking Dead we've seen a few musical numbers, mostly courtesy of Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), who was always quick with a tune to cheer up the group. However, most recently though it was Carl who sang, forced to perform for Negan after breaking into his compound.

While a musical episode of The Walking Dead may be a distant dream, I have to say that the idea is quite appeal. Daryl Dixon slaying a rock ballad while out slaying zombies? Come on, that'd be kind of amazing.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 13, "Bury Me Here" on March 12.


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