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Mark Newton

Zombies used to nightmarish walking death machines, but over time they've become more and more assimilated into comedy. Take for example this latest zom-com musical directed by .

My Fair Zombie, as the name suggests, is a horror musical 'based' on George Bernard Shaw's classic work, Pygmalion. In the original play, a professor of phonetics is wagered to turn a lowly Cockney flower girl into a high-standing eloquent lady. My Fair Zombie follows a similar story, but as you can guess, it involves zombies. Check out the first official trailer below:


You know a movie is classy when the trailer features an advert for a phone repair shop in Ontario...

With Pride and Prejudice and Zombies also in production. Are we about to see a wave of undead ecclesiastical movies?

What do you think? Does this look any good, or will you be giving it a miss? Let me know below.


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