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When the lurid trailer for Spring Breakers first burnt itself into my retinas I dismissed the movie as a feature length Flo Rida video with more tits and Selena Gomez. While my initial assessment may have been correct, I totally underestimated my levels of enthusiasm for a 94 minute rap video.

Spring Breakers looks like the bastard fruit of La Chapelle, pervy uncle Terry and MTV's collective loins. The whole film pulses with a vivid florescent glow and each shot is designed to ooze pure unadulterated sex into your dilated eyeballs. The sleazy, over-saturated look of this masterpiece literally had me rubbing my thighs with glee whilst periodically shouting "This is so good!" and, I'm a straight female.

Korine's portrayal of , , and as a bad-ass team of stoner unicorns in fluro bikinis is surprisingly multidimensional. Not only do they manage to have a riotous time and ride the exploitation train to their own advantage, they also actually bother to speak to each other and demonstrate their deep love of in a variety of poetic ways.

Spring Breakers might initially present itself as a sordid teen exploitation fest, but when you break through the incandescent candy crust, a searing examination of identity, gender and unstable personalities lies beneath the polished surface.

Below are my favourite Spring Breakers moments to get your juices flowing.

Shotgun blowjob

's character, Alien is a wonderful parody of the big fish in a small pond who sleazes on young girls because he is too pathetic to bring down a fully grown female gazelle. Needless to say, seeing him enthusiastically fellate the barrel of a shotgun at the hand of his 'victims' is an extremely gratifying experience.

Britney Spears piano jams Watching James Franco gazing at the ocean to perform a moving rendition of Britney's 'Everytime' on a white grand piano is spectacular enough. The montage of callous violence that accompanies it is pure cinematic gold.

Bikini jailbirds As if they wouldn't give you some clothes for the court room! The sheer ridiculousness of the scene encapsulates Spring Breakers larger than life, lurid personality.

Sprinnnnnnnng Breeeeeeeak forever bitches!

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