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So I have to admit that I first walked into the movie theater to watch This is the End I did not expect to like it. This feeling was unexplainable - the film stars some of my favourite actors, and it even had Rihanna in it - but I just thought it would be too much of a good thing...

… And I was very wrong. Simply put, This Is the End is one of the funniest movies of 2013. I left the theater laughing so hard that my sides eventually split. I laughed SO hard that my abdominal muscles received such a workout, that I must have resembled a Terminator era Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, this is a big deal for me as I’m a pretty steely movie watcher. The majority of comedies I watch, at most, garner a silent internal chuckle. I assure you that I’m not a comedy snob, but I think that it is just one of the things I inherited from my mother.

However, the reason this movie works so well, and is so humorous is because of the premise that all the actors in the film portray themselves, albeit very exaggerated versions. This makes the central group’s (, , , , ) portrayed friendship and camaraderie very believable and tangible. Yet this contrasts fully with what is being played outside - the audience are shown the rapture, the end of human civilization. It is a situation so ridiculous, and so out-there that it contrasts in this weird and spectacular way with the strange normality of the actors playing themselves.


This is not forgetting how genuinely hilarious This is the End is. Every scene involving is comedy gold. In fact, every celebrity cameo, of which there are many, works because the movie is so unusual and unexpected. When you see in a gimp mask, its still funny but the atmosphere surrounding the movie makes it not so unbelievable. I also think that This is the End has the most dick jokes in it than any other film ever made.

Tatum in a gimp mask aside, the way that This is the End can descend into hilarious absurdity and still retain it's structure and narrative is a testament to how great this film is. Both making their directorial debuts, Rogen and direct the movie brilliantly as they both allow the horror and the comedy to mix without compromising the movie’s momentum.

Or it might be great just because of all the penis jokes.

Watch it. You will grow a six pack.


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