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The trailer for what is being called the darkest movie of 2017 has finally arrived. My Friend Dahmer received rave reviews when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, and finally we have our first look at Marc Meyers's adaption of John 'Derf' Backderf's Jeffrey Dahmer origin story — and it's just as chilling as you'd expect.

The movie is based on a popular graphic novel of the same name, which follows Backderf's first-hand encounters with a High School-age before he embarked on his sadistic, cannibalistic murder spree that would last 13 years. The movie stars former Disney Channel alum Ross Lynch in the titular role, and is set in the would-be serial killer's hometown of Akron, Ohio. Meyers even acquired access to Dahmer's real-life childhood home to shoot some scenes for the film.

The trailer is truly unsettling, showing us glimpses of Dahmer's steadily deteriorating state of mind throughout his teenage years, accumulating with the murder of hitchhiker Steven Hicks when he was just 18. We see Dahmer's burgeoning obsession with a local jogger, his fixation on bones and violent fantasies, and his bizarre outbursts at school.

Check out the tailer for My Friend Dahmer here:

With Zac Efron starring as Ted Bundy in the upcoming Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and Leonardo DiCaprio still rumored to take on H. H. Holmes in Devil in the White City, it looks like serial killer biopics are about to become all the rage. But My Friend Dahmer is different — rather than focusing on the dismemberment, cannibalism, and shocking brutality that Jeremy Renner's interpretation of the killer did in the 2002 slasher Dahmer, this film attempts to get inside the deeply disturbed mind of the boy who would grow up the become the "Milwaukee Monster," from those who witnessed it first hand.

One Variety review sums up the underlying discomfort watching Dahmer's adolescent years perfectly, saying:

"It sees Jeffrey Dahmer for what he was: a young man who could express himself only through the most hideous violence. Yet it shows you that what he had to express was real."

The mind of the serial killer — especially one as prolific and gruesome as Dahmer — has always fascinated the sane, and early reviews of the movie have praised director Mark Meyers' ability to capture the darkness of Dahmer's teenage years, without relying on the bloody violence he would later commit. My Friend Dahmer will be released through FilmRise later this year.


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