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It has been a few years since the mighty Kratos debuted in the game God of War on Playstation 2. We weren’t sure whether we would like his anti-hero demeanor with his tortured origin. Three games later and a few other origin stories, gamers (mostly Playstation of course) were enthralled with the Ghost of Sparta. With the surge of movies/TV shows related to the Greek mythology genre and the likes, like 300, Immortals, Clash of the Titans, Spartacus, gamers were hoping the gates would open for Kratos for an ultimate God of War film. A couple of years passed since the success of God of War 3 and rumors of a script came to pass. Then another flicker of hope came when God of War Ascension released last year but only whispers of planning and development came about.

I for one am hoping for Sony Santa Monica and Sony Pictures to consider this epic story to be on screen soon. So here’s my render on some of the first supporting cast for a God of War film series, Featured by my very own fan art.


as Kratos’s wife Lysandra. She has the screen presence, star power and can bring a certain fan base to the film. (Lord of the Rings ) of course.


as Kratos’ s daughter Calliope. She plays Arya Stark in the Epic Cable TV Show Game of Thrones. She might be a tad old now for the part but she may still be able to pull another the Game of Thrones fan based to the film.


as the wife of Zeus, Queen of Olympus – Hera. Contrary to the games depiction of Hera, I went for the sexy, conniving image of Ms. Jones. She captured that essence in her last film Broken City with .

I will have a few more later, so stay tuned. Film poster teaser and other cast concept etc. Follow me if you’d like and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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