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From the moment Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way first sauntered onto our computer screens, middle fingers raised defiantly aloft, the peoples of the internet have wondered who could create such a monstrosity of a fanfic protagonist, and why. Now, we have the answer to half of that question — the author of My Immortal is one Rose Christo, a young adult novelist who is currently penning her autobiography, which will be published by Macmillan. As for why she wrote the offending fanfiction, well, we finally know that too, thanks to Macmillan's press release about Christo's new book. And her reason is far more interesting, and tragic, than any of us expected.

Conning The Internet To Search For Her Brother

Macmillan's first blurb for Christo's autobiography, entitled Under The Same Stars, was released to Buzzfeed in an exclusive interview with the author. The blurb paints a fascinating picture of Christo's young life, explaining why she wrote My Immortal — but of course, declining to reveal the outcome of Christo's mission to find her lost brother.

Christo's novels have garnered a small but loyal fan following. [Credit: Rose Christo]
Christo's novels have garnered a small but loyal fan following. [Credit: Rose Christo]

Born in New York City, Christo was put in foster care in her early teens, following allegations of abuse and child pornography against her parents — the subsequent court case against Christo's parents is ongoing, and public record. Separated from her five-year-old brother, Christo was desperate to find him again, but New York State's child support agencies were reluctant to aid her in her quest.

So instead, Christo hatched a brilliant scheme, one that only a young millennial with an internet connection and love for Harry Potter could ever dream up: she would write the worst fanfiction known to humankind, and use it to bait the online fan community into helping her search for her brother.

Macmillan calls Christo's quest "a gripping, compelling, and surprisingly funny story," as the soon-to-be-infamous young author conspired with her "beloved foster sister" to write a fanfiction so awful, so mind-numbingly badly written, so offensive to fans of both Harry Potter and the English language, that soon everyone would be reading it.

Of course, she was successful in one part of her mission, but did Christo achieve her goal? How did she reach out to enraged fans in order to ask them if they knew where her brother was? And, crucially, did she find him?

Ebony in the amateur live-action 'My Immortal' adaptation. [Credit: MediaJunkie Studios]
Ebony in the amateur live-action 'My Immortal' adaptation. [Credit: MediaJunkie Studios]

These are questions yet to be answered, but we can be rest assured that Christo will reveal all in her book when it's published next May. With her autobiography, she doesn't just want to tell her story, but shed some light on the terrible conditions and discrimination faced by Native American children in foster care. Christo describes the book as being about "the steps I took to try to find [my brother] again, and what I wound up finding instead."

Of course, there are those who will be disappointed to discover that My Immortal was all a hoax. There was a kind of glee that came with the belief that someone really did write those words and mean them, from Dumbledore's love of screaming "motherfuckers!" to the bizarre time-travel section in the middle (which, oddly, also turned up in The Cursed Child). And yet, it's even more satisfying to learn that the My Immortal author employed all these bad!fic tropes carefully and deliberately, inciting rage for the good cause of finding her lost brother. Truly, Rose Christo is a con-artist with a heart of gold — and what better end to the story is that?

If you're hungry for more information about Christo and her life story, you can head to her Tumblr, where she's been fielding questions ever since her identity as the My Immortal author was uncovered. You could also peruse her Amazon page and buy her many novels, which explore all themes dear to Christo's heart: the difficulties faced by Native Americans, and the discovery of queer identity. Or, you could enjoy this fun fact that she told Buzzfeed when they asked for more info: "In Alaska, it's illegal to whisper in someone's ear if they're moose hunting."

Tell us in the comments: Do you have a favorite My Immortal quote?

(Source: Buzzfeed, Rose Christo on Tumblr)


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