ByRobert Shane, writer at
Robert Shane

We know Disney plans to make spin-off :Star Wars: movies and speculation is rife about which characters they will focus on. So far, we’ve heard about movies possibly featuring Yoda, a young Han Solo and Boba Fett. But what about Darth Vader?

Vader’s story has been told already of course – he was the pivotal character of the original six-part saga. But he is one of the most memorable movie bad guys ever and his image is synonymous with Star Wars. So why not devote a movie just to his exploits?

Setting it in the period between Episodes 3 and 4 would give us an opportunity to see more of Darth Vader’s villainous deeds and pitting him against an even more villainous or formidable antagonist would allow the audience to root for him.

In my painting I’ve pit Vader in battle against a Predator, and while I don’t expect that any movie would ever feature such an encounter – I wanted to illustrate what it might look like if Vader found himself in a fight with an enemy that might even beat him.

They could even bring back Hayden Christensen to play Vader. Or is that alone reason enough to leave Darth Vader to rest in peace?


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