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Suck me sideways! Is that an... '84 Sheepdog on the horizon?

Yes, yes - it is. And the doggy-van belongs to Dumb and Dumber, the two most charming guys of 90s comedy. The goofy pair are set to return to the big screen as they once again assume the roles of limo driver Lloyd () and his best friend Harry (), the owner of a dog-grooming service.

Why is Dumb and Dumber To my most anticipated film of 2013? Well, the relentlessly stupid, off-the-wall comedy of 1994 ticked every disgusting bodily-function box in the book, ignited our disgust at its outright vulgarity and still managed to win us over in a big way. And here's what I can't wait to see in the Farrelly brothers' sequel.

Lowbrow slapstick. The first movie involved some references to dead birds (headless budgies were sold to unassuming blind children… Hmmm… And then the rare Icelandic Snow Owls were corked to death at the whim of Lloyd’s champagne-drinking tactics!), some pretty explosive diarrhea scenes, and inadvertently sticking themselves together with frozen pee. These moments of low-brow slapstick are comedy genius at its best...or worst. Either way, let's face it — it works.

Miraculously getting (into and) out of trouble. How do they do it? It's not by using their brains, that's for sure! Nevertheless, every time Harry and Lloyd seem to get themselves into a spot of bother, they always seem to get themselves out of it, too. Remember their road trip Aspen, when the two stop at a diner for lunch and end up in trouble with the tough trucker Sea Bass ('Kick his ass, Sea Bass')? Or when Lloyd uses empty beer bottles to relieve himself and the cop believes the opened beer bottles to be full of, well, beer (you know the rest!)? Or, in fact, the main plot of the movie; the money-briefcase shenanigans in which they get caught up? No matter how stupid these two are, they always manage to defeat the bad guy with a good helping of nonchalance. C'mon, it just wouldn’t be the same if the two had even an ounce of James Bond smoothness to them!

More makeovers. Nothing works for us like a makeover montage. Especially when the subjects of beautification are utterly repulsive to begin with. The extensive full-body makeovers for these two even required the assistance of power tools! There's definitely a spark to this scene (and not just from the nail clipping). More of this is always welcome, even though it never seems to change the pair's luck. Which brings us onto our next point...

Never getting the girl. Lloyd goes out of his way to get the girl of his dreams, Mary Swanson (or Mary Samsonite as he believes her name to be at first!). In any other film, Lloyd would've gotten the girl; some sort of moral in the movie about good karma... YAWN! Harry doesn't have all that much luck with Beth Jordan, either (not totally surprising, given his fiery behavior towards her at the gas station!), who turns out to be an undercover FBI agent. Last we saw of them, the couple were walking home from Aspen with only each other, and they had just passed on the opportunity to join the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Tour. Can't things just go right for these two romatically? Fortunately not. It just wouldn't be the same if the obvious losers began to win in the game of love. They'd probably be made to wear suits in unoffensive colors by their spouses... And where's the fun in that? Hopefully things will stay relatively hopeless in the sequel, and silly won't turn into sappy.

Brilliant one-liners

Dumb and Dumber provided us with some classic quotes (executed in outrageous voices) which, after 18 long years, still haven't lost their comedic value. I mean, where else would you hear a silly phrase like this? We got no food, we got no jobs...our PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF! Exactly. We ought to cherish scripts as rich in ridiculous quotes, one-liners, and eccentric voices as Dumb and Dumber's. After all: Life's a fragile thing... One minute you're chewin' on a burger, the next minute you're dead meat.



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