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Abi Toll

In theory, The Double has pretty much everything I could possibly wish for in a film.

Helmed by the enchanting director Richard Ayoade- who made his directing debut with the wonderfully funny and poignant coming of age film Submarine; he in my eyes, can do no wrong.

The film is based on a novella with the same name, by the Russian author Fyoder Dostoyevsky which was first published in 1846. Whilst Ayoade's adaptation will be darkly satirical in atmosphere, making light of its endlessly macabre and tortured nature; I have no doubt in my mind that Ayoade will do justice to the treasured Russian original.

The premise center's on one man's neurosis. It's an obsession powered by a personality disorder which makes him believe that he has a doppelganger who possesses all of the attributes which counter his: charm, ego and aggression. The tale traces his journey from the precipice of his mental anguish to all encompassing turmoil.

Watch the trailer here:


Proving himself to be a masterful story teller, Ayoade's distinctive vision should breathe new life into this book from the late 1800's, by employing a cast of Indie-world wunderkind's: , and Yasmine Paige as well as , and .

To act as a perfect accompaniment to the impeccable casting, has no doubt curated an extraordinary soundtrack to mirror the stunning subject matter.

I honestly can not contain my excitement for the arrival of The Double and although it won't be released in time for Christmas, I have a feeling it will feel just like the holy day when it finally arrives in 2014.



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