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I have never watched a Wes Anderson movie that I did not like. Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom, Royal Tenebaums - please just give it all to me. I consume these movies frantically like a rabid dog, my pupils dilated and my mouth foaming (remember to never look a beagle in the eyes)

This is why Grand Budapest Hotel is my most anticipated movie of 2014. The movie, which will open the Berlinale festival in February, is going to be brilliant. This is because you don’t need to watch a movie to know it is good - repeated visual elements and repeated tropes, that all together compose Anderson’s distinct style, make it so. You can enter the movie theater in good knowledge that you will receive a beautiful eyeball massage.


The Grand Budapest Hotel is to follow the well-composed, wise-cracking M. Gustave (), a concierge at the eponymous european hotel, set in the time between the two world wars. This time period is perfect for a Wes Anderson movie; it was a time of massive political upheaval, but also an age of grandeur and glamour. The 1920-30s are a time filled with opulence, flappers and cabaret, elements that can be so fantastically portrayed by Anderson in his nostalgic, 35mm vaselined lenses.

Ralph Fiennes will be joined by Anderson veterans , , , , and the moustached . The dream team is also joined by even more stars such as , and .

The movie at the Berlinale, where I currently sit writing shivering with anticipation. Interestingly, Wes Anderson also filmed the film in the vercinity of Germany's great capital. I simply can't wait for The Grand Budapest Hotel to open its doors


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