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Lewis Duval

AHHHHH! Now that’s more like it! I had to let that out first, because for a while there it was looking very grim in these past few reviews I have done. Why am I gasping for air? Well, let’s just say that was the reaction when seeing the film Inception.

ARE YOU (BLEEPING) KIDDING ME? This film was beyond my expectations! It surpassed the unsurpassed. It knocked me clear out of my zone. There has to be a law out for films that have a fervor making the audience bleed for more. To come up with such a clever idea about dreams and the depth of dreams is uncanny. The wonderful thing about this film is that we have ALL done this. Do you recall falling in your dream, and right before you land on the ground you wake up?! The myth is that if you die in a dream, you die in reality. Perhaps you were tossing and turning while sleeping, and in your dream your surfing on waves of snows that mimic the movements of how you were tossing. It’s extremely deep. Take everything you ever read or experienced about dreams, or every movie that has done a scene where the person has an alien bursting from the chest, and they wake up to seeing a mother alien getting ready to bite them, just to wake up from that screaming, and realize they are in the bed, in a fancy NYC apartment. It drills all these elements of sleep and dreams. Freddy Krueger ain't got s*ht on Inception.

So I give Inception a whopping 4 ½ stars out of 5. This is 148 minutes of mesmerizing captivation that embodies The Matrix and The Day After Tomorrow. The dream is real, and so is this film.


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